Dear Woman: You Need To Fall Back In Love With Yourself

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Dear Woman: You Need To Fall Back In Love With Yourself

It's your natural state and it's waiting there for you.

Dear Woman:

You look in the mirror and all you see are your flaws. You count your wrinkles, you pluck your eyebrows, you color your gray hairs. You torture yourself because of what you think you're supposed to be.

Who is the person giving you the message that you aren't fine the way you are?

You can lay the blame at so many feet: advertisements, magazines, friends, family or social media. But in the end, none of that will matter. And the only person you will have to blame will be you.

You need to fall back in love with yourself because it's vitally important to your life.


Remember when you were a little girl and everything brought joy? Remember when you used to walk along the shore collecting sea glass and shells that looked like toenails? Remember lying in a field with grass stains on your pants, a smile on your face and the sun in your hair?

Remember building stick forts in the abandoned lot down the block? Remember playing kickball in your backyard until it got dark? Remember eating ice cream sundaes with your best friend?

Remember when you fell in love for the first time? It probably happened right about the time that you stopped enjoying lots of other things — childish things.

But first love was like that same feeling again: the thrill, the warmth, the perfectness of the moment. You were falling in love with someone else just like you had been in love with yourself and your life when you were a little girl.


But somewhere along the way you lost the love for yourself.

It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment that you lost your love. It's more of a knowing of something missing when you look back at your life. But that love for yourself is still there; it's just hidden really deep down, like inside the dirt that you used to dig in to find treasures like dinosaur bones and pirates' gold.

You need to remember that feeling of joy you experienced drinking ice tea on the leather couch in your basement in the summertime. Remember the joy of laughing at silliness and dancing when there was no music. 

Why did so many simple things bring you joy? That's easy: because you were in love with yourselfThere were no judgments about yourself or others. It was all about love.

You loved your toes, your belly, your head, your arms and your legs because of all the wonderful things they could do for you. You could run and laugh and dig and play and sing and jump into just about anything your heart could dream up.

But look at yourself now. Woman, how do you feel?

Don't be afraid to get sand in your bathing suit. You need to dig a big hole and bury yourself without fear. You need to take pride in all the little things you do. You need to color, paint, play checkers, run on the beach, climb on the jungle gym and jump off from the tippity-top.

You need to think less about yourself and your body, and do more. Be more active, celebrate, enjoy life. You need to look at the world through eyes of wonder. And let that wonder reflect back upon you, so you can see the wonder inside of you.

Dear Woman: you need to fall back in love with yourself because you're that same self you loved way back then.


And I promise you, when you take the microscope off of yourself and your life, and instead turn it out into the world, you will see how beautiful both the outside and the inside are. And you will love yourself for trusting yourself, for being yourself and giving yourself the joy of life.

It doesn't matter what you do or what you look like; it just matters how you're choosing to experience the world. The world loved you and you loved the world right back. Plant that same seed and feel the opportunity for love for yourself.

Dear Woman: you need to fall back in love with yourself because it's your natural state and it's waiting there for you. Now it's up to you. What will you claim for yourself, Woman?

Dear Woman: you need to fall back in love with yourself because in the end that will make the difference, and that will be all that really matters.