An Open Letter To Roosh V (From A REAL Man)

Photo: change.org
roosh v PUA

To the guy who thinks rape should be legal: F*CK YOU

Dear Daryush Valizadeh:

(Or should I call you by your professional douchebag name, "Roosh V"?)

Looks like your "Pick-Up Artistry" got a little messy, eh? Women are petitioning to keep you and your cohorts out of their countries—with a little help from Change.org. I’m not surprised. You aren't teaching men how to meet women. You aren’t even teaching men how to bullshit and coerce women into bed—like your clone Julien Blanc and the rest of the RSD jackasses. In essence, you are cloning you—a pathetic, empty, shell-of-a-man who promotes rape and violence against women.

Let me give you my opinion, man-to-man (if you even qualify, as I’m actually sickened to have anything in common with you—including gender): You're not a quality man. You aren’t a pick-up artist. You and the rest of the RSD assholes don't teach men tips for confidence, attraction or finding love—and you certainly aren't promoting respect.

You teach men all the wrong things about relationships, love, women, and how to relate to other human beings.

You teach men how to lie. You teach men how to manipulate. You teach men that being an Alpha Male means you hurt women. You don’t only teach men that rape is right, you believe and promote that rape is their right. I wonder if you’d feel the same if open season were declared on any orifice you have on your body, “Roosh V”?

You speak to men with a lower self-esteem than you (if that is even possible). You promote violence and felonies against women. You teach these men—pawns in your ceaseless quest to find your own sense of vacant masculinity—how to hurt women.

It's men like you that make good men look bad. You walk around pretending you are doing good in the world, proclaiming to show men what it means to be masculine and strong. 

As I said to your buddy Julien Blanc last year:

What many people don't realize is that in addition to preying on women, you're also preying on the men you claim to teach. Your “students” are men who come to you are looking for answers. Many of them are men who have been shunned by women for the whole of their adult lives. Some were likely bullied in middle school, and others are unsure of how to approach someone of the opposite sex without being laughed at. 

These are men who are terrified of rejection and afraid of being vulnerable enough to show who they really are—lest they get their hearts and psyches stomped on like they did when they were kids. And what do you do? You prey on their insecurities and train them on "techniques" that provide false sense of confidence, and teach them to take what doesn’t belong to them. You teach abuse. 

But hear me on this: You're not a seducer. You’re a vacant horror of a human being— a scared little boy with just enough self-esteem to convince other paper men how to keep women down. 

 You’re nothing; live with that.