5 Sad Details About Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield's Breakup

Photo: via Wikimedia Commons
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

From Rom-com to drama.

Guys. It’s over. Emma Stone is single again. Mathematically speaking, WE HAVE A CHANCE.

Okay, maybe it’s in poor taste to stomp on Emma’s heart in celebration. All I’m saying is that life is finally worth living again.

While it seemed like Stone and Andrew Garfield were destined to live happily ever after, it looks like their denouement was rewritten as a tragedy. The couple has called it quits, and we’re left wondering what could have been.

Heartbreak is never the end of the world for two smart, young, successful, talented, beautiful people who deservedly require every positive adjective my thesaurus can muster. There’s no doubt these Stone and Garfield will bounce back from this setback.

In the meantime, here’s a recap of how it all went down:

1. They originally met on the set of The Amazing Spiderman in 2011.

Because Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dunst are insufferable, Hollywood had to reboot Spiderman for the millionth time.

This time around, they casted likeable actors, and what do you know, they fell in like with each other.

The rest is history, including their hilarious antics as a couple, such as their charitable anti-paparazzi methods.

2. Their relationship lasted four years.

I suppose the math between the first two points in this list isn’t too hard to work out, but it’s worth reflecting upon.

That’s a LONG time to invest in a person. You have to wonder if they were close to marriage, or perhaps four years in Hollywood schedule time means they only saw each other enough to be considered dating for one year.

3. Conflicting schedules are the rumored cause.

As we often hear, when it comes to celebrity couples.

Relationships take time, effort and work. They can’t just exist passively in the background.

With two stars jet-setting around the world working nonstop, it’s understandable that they have difficulties making it work.

4. Things started sounding shaky back in September.

In a candid moment with USA Today, Garfield was quoted as saying, “"I am not OK. That feels really good to say to you. I'm really not all right. I'm in the struggle of being a person. I haven't got anything figured out."

I think we all witnessed that heart-wrenching moment when a person realizes their relationship is over, and that a breakup is inevitable.

5. Stone is currently on set filming with Ryan Gosling … rebound potential?

It’s probably too soon, but hey, you never know.

Considering how Stone and Garfield met, we know it is a possibility. They’re in Australia right now filming La La Land and apparently Gosling was venting to Stone about his relationship troubles with Eva Mendes. Hmm ...