Guys: 20 Thoughtful Ways To Show You Love The Hell Out Of Her

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By Shawn Doyle

I know as a man you think that women are all about the big things; the cars the cash and the elaborate vacations, but here is what you don’t know - what really matters to a woman, what really melts her heart and will make her love you forever, is the small things.

Why is that gentleman? Well it’s simple. Because the small things let her know that you’re thinking of her and that’s what she most wants to know.

Here are 20 ways that you can show your wife that you love her in ways that will rock her world and show her that you’re a man that really cares.

1. The unexpected romantic kiss: let’s say you are in the kitchen fixing dinner together. Go up to her swing her around and give her a big romantic kiss when she least expects it.

2. Say something amazing about her on Facebook: if you have the nerve and the guts, and aren’t afraid you’ll be busted on by your buds, go on Facebook and tell the world how amazing she is.

3. Remember what she likes: tell her you were at the store and you picked up her favorite crackers or her favorite fruit or her favorite dressing. Tell her you found something new that you thought she would like.

4. Write her a love note: put it on the windshield of her car, in her purse, or sticky note on the bathroom mirror-write her a mushy gooey sweet love note and she will love you for it.

5. Call her at work in the middle of the day . Call her at work tell her you’re just calling to let her know that you are thinking of her.

6. Give her a compliment: I don’t know why guys tend to be stingy with compliments but you should stop tell her that she looks beautiful for that she smells good for the she’s incredibly smart. Just make sure the compliment is true and you are being authentic.

7. Get her a card if you’re anywhere near a local card shop-stop and get her a card that says how much you love and care about her.

8. Create a “her” day: this is when you say in advance “Saturday is going to be your day we are going to do whatever you want because I want you to be happy and I love you.”

9. Send her a love email: send her a short email to her private email account letting her know how you feel about her.

10. Buy her a small gift: it doesn’t have to be anything big or elaborate but buy it when it’s not a holiday and when you’re not obligated in any way shape or form, buy it and tell her you bought it “just because.”

11. Ask her for advice: tell her that you respect and admire her intelligence and you really value her opinion you’d like her advice on something that you’re struggling with.

12. Make her a love CD: log on to your local music site and custom select music that are just for you two. Hand them to her and tell her that you custom selected all of the music just for her.

13. Get her car washed and detailed: switch cars with her one day giving her some reason why you did so - and then take her car to be washed and detailed so that she doesn’t have to. It shows you care.

14. Have a picnic: but please understand that this is not just a picnic this is a picnic that you have prepared yourself and its a selection of her favorite foods and the picnic is a surprise, at one of her favorite locations.

15. Leave her a voice mail: When she least expects leave her a voice mail at work on on her cell phone. She will be so happy you thought of her.

16. Rent her favorite movie: one night when she least expects it and comes home from a tough day at work let her know that after dinner you have a surprise for her which is a bowl of popcorn and her favorite movie.

17. Find an article: find an article online or in a physical magazine or newspaper, cut it out and attach a small note saying “please read this article - I thought you would enjoy it because it reminded me of you.”

18. Dress for her: if she likes you dressing a certain way and when you dress that way she says you look handsome, why would you not want to do that? Dress the way she wants you to dress and she will be more attracted to you.

19. Give her a gift certificate to a spa: tell her that you’re so proud of how hard she has worked that you have bought her a gift certificate for a massage and a manicure.

20. Pack her lunch: on the night before work or the morning of that day without telling her. Pack a lunch of her favorite foods and hand it to her as she is going out the door.

I know some of you guys reading this may not think any of these things are a big deal. You sir, would be wrong.

I promise you that anything you can do as a man to save your woman time effort and energy, or to bring her pleasure or to reduce her pain, and make her feel loved will win you her love and loyalty for life.

This article was originally published at The Good Men Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.