How To Show An Independent Woman You Love Her — Without Making Her Feel Trapped

If her independence is alluring to you, love means nurturing and affirming her strength.

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Independent women frequently get a bad rap for being intimidating.

They have a mind of their own and numerous interests that keep them busy. They make their own money, pay their bills, and are fully capable of fending for themselves. They know who they are and what they want. They don’t play games to get it.

Independent women don’t need someone to rescue or provide for them. They don’t need anyone to please themselves. They are experts at getting their own needs met. They may not need a special someone in their life, but they still want one nonetheless.


They want the companionship that often comes with being in a relationship. More than anything, they want someone with whom they can truly relax and let loose the wild, untamed woman within herself. You've got to be special to capture the heart of an independent woman.

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Here's how to show an independent woman you love her - without making her feel trapped.

1. Indulge in her passions and curiosities.

You can show her you care simply by asking about her hobbies and interests. Entertain her ideas and theories through active listening. Support her dreams and goals by asking about her progress to encourage self-accountability. One surefire way to show her you love her is to participate in some of her passions alongside her—this can help strengthen her connection to you.

2. Respect her space and autonomy.

A healthy relationship includes a good balance of time spent together as a couple enjoying shared interests and time spent apart as individuals engaging in solo activities. Don't block her from exploring parts of herself she has yet to discover. Give the space to maintain her sense of independence outside of the relationship. Avoid interfering when she makes decisions for herself and taking the lead in her own life. Learn to trust her. This shows her you believe in her capabilities.

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3. Keep the lines of communication open.

Open communication is vital for expressing your love. She expects a certain level of transparency for her to feel genuinely safe in the relationship. Open communication breeds trust and intimacy. We need time to process recent arguments and discuss how you can learn and grow from the experience. This kind of communication empowers her to care for herself based on her values and objectives.


4. Take some initiative in the relationship.

Taking the lead in the relationship is meaningful to an independent woman. It shows you value her time and are willing to put in effort to nurture the relationship and the quality of the connection you share. By planning date nights out (or in) and tending to her needs, you are communicating through your behaviors that you strive to be a thoughtful, considerate, and attentive partner. Your gestures may appear subtle, but let their impact speak volumes.

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5. Provide a safe place for her to land.

Cultivate an environment of safety that allows her to feel at home when she’s with you. Ultimately, she wants to feel indubitably safe to be herself, without the façade, flaws included. Be the constant in her life that keeps her grounded as she explores the depths of her soul. You can show her you care in a non-smothering way simply by being there for her as a source of comfort, as her confidant, and her partner in navigating life‘s many challenges.

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Niki Payne is a clinical hypnotherapist and relationship coach. She aims to help high-achievers experience better health, greater wealth, and stronger relationships.