T. Swift V. Ryan Adams: Which "1989" Album Is Better, Song By Song?

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The ULTIMATE death match.

I love Ryan Adams, and I love Taylor Swift's "1989" album, so after a couple of listens, I have a little guide for which versions I prefer:

1. "Welcome to New York"/Taylor Swift: The Ryan Adams version sucks in the way that I think a lot of the Ryan Adams and the Cardinals songs suck. They're too frenetic, and I'm too Type A for this sh*t.

2. "Blank Space"/Taylor Swift: I still think Ryan Adams puts up a great fight here. Our public understanding of who he is, personally, makes this song really sort of interesting by him.


3. "Style"/Ryan Adams.

4. "Out of the Woods"/Ryan Adams: By a landslide! Like, he took what I think is a truly shitty song and made it sort of great. I still hate the repetition, though.

5. "All You Had to Do Was Stay"/Ryan Adams: It's a totally different song and has a great 80s vibe that I'm digging.

6. "Shake it Off"/Taylor Swift: This is a pop song; it needs to stay as a pop song. This cover is interesting only because it's a cover.


7. "I Wish You Would"/Tie: I honestly can't decide. Partly because Ryan Adams already has an "I Wish You Would" in his "Come Pick Me Up," which is my favorite song of his. So while this is good, his original is better. This can't compare to that, but in general it's pretty good.

8. "Bad Blood"/Ryan Adams: By default because I don't like the original at all. But I think they're both sort of meh. Maybe Johnny Cash could've saved it, but we'll never know.

9. "Wildest Dreams"/Taylor Swift: I don't hate his version, but it's boring and hers is more interesting coming from a woman, because it's sort of a shameless one night stand song, which women don't get to sing about all that often.


10. "How You Get the Girl"/Ryan Adams: It's sort of Bruce Springsteen in the 80s-esque, and I kind of love that about it. I love how bare-bones it is, and how words like "afraid" and "lost your mind" stand out and become a bit more sad.

11. "This Love"/Taylor Swift: This is too schmoopy from him. I expect schmoopy from her, so it's OK. His feels like a very sad John Tesh song.

12. "I Know Places"/Taylor Swift: His is sort of terrifying when sung by a man, and him in particular. I feel like he kidnapped somebody and is holding them in a bomb shelter or something.

13. "Clean"/Tie: I think they're both terrible, neither more than the other.

This article was originally published at joannaschroederauthor.tumblr.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.