18 Completely Bizarre Things All Women Know To Be 100% True

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18 Completely Weird Things Women Do

Being a woman is empowering, inspiring, and just plain awesome. Though, that doesn't mean we haven't got our hang-ups. Yes, we can be emotional and yes, we can be indecisive.

We have our catfights and judgy eyes, but at the end of the day, we rally together because we've got to stand behind one another. And what it boils down to is that we're united by that awesome 90s term called "Girl Power."

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18 Weird Things Women Do

In a tip of my imaginary cap to that notion, here are all the bizarrely weird things women do that every woman in America, and probably on planet Earth, can relate to.

1. Women magically make their bobby pins disappear.

One day we have one hundred, and the next we can't find a single one. It's a skill.

2. We text our best friends for the weirdest things.

We always call on our bestie when we can't decide where to eat for lunch or what to wear. Heck, we may even text her from the toilet while we're playing Candy Crush.

3. Sometimes, women don't make any sense.

"I wish I was as skinny as I was when I thought I was fat" is something we've all said at least once.

4. Women find comfort in unusual places.

There's practically nothing that binge-watching Netflix and junk food can't cure.

5. Women love buying cute workout clothes, even if we aren't working out.

Pinning fit-spiration pins and buying cute workout clothes are practically the same as exercising, and just about as gratifying.

6. Boxed hair color never turns out the same.

This is where Pinterest fails come in. 

7. Mean Girls is real.

A wise man once said, "That's why her hair is so big — it's full of secrets."

8. One breast is always bigger.

We're still not sure why, but every woman has one breast that's larger than the other.

9. We can never decide what we want to do with our hair.

We wish our hair was longer. Or shorter. Or longer. Or shorter. Depends on the day, really.

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10. Women are never content in their bodies.

There's always a "goal weight."

11. We will never get rid of a good outfit.

If somebody tells us we look beautiful in a certain outfit, chances are we're going to keep that article of clothing for... well, ever.

12. Why do women get manicures if it's just going to come off?

If it's not a gel manicure, the polish is coming off in a day or less. It's inevitable.

13. Women cannot put makeup on without making faces.

We all make faces when we put on or take off makeup. You know the one.

14. Women enjoy chivalry every once in a while.

Feminist or not, we like it when doors are opened for us. It's just polite. Even though it doesn't happen that often.

15. We're indecisive.

Refer to Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" music video.

16. Tthere's nothing awkward or weird about getting your privates waxed by a stranger.

There's something about bikini waxes that's inherently awkward.

17. We sometimes hope that our monthly friend doesn't make an appearance

And that's even if we aren't ready for the actual consequences. Some months we hope we're pregnant just so we don't have to suffer through our period. But then, we thank the lord above when Martha makes her appearance.

18. Women are definitely weirded out by their visible imperfections.

Whether it's our legs, eyebrows, or that random birthmark, there's always some "imperfection" only we can see. 

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