17 Weird-But-True Things Women Actually Do In The Bathroom

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lady in bath tub

By Macy Williams

Let's get real, girls. When we excuse ourselves to the Ladies' Room, it's not because we actually have to use the restroom. There are way more important things to do.

Here's what's actually going on behind closed doors.

1. Complimenting strangers. Looking for a confidence booster? Just walk into a girls' restroom.

2. Picking a wedgie. A necessary evil.

3. Eating your secret purse snacks. Every girl has them.

4. Reapplying lipstick.  It's a hazard to mankind if you put it on without a mirror.

5. Adjusting your boobsEither for more or less cleavage. Usually more.

6. Flossing.  Because whoever you're with was too dumb to tell you that there's lettuce in your teeth.

7. Questioning your outfit choice. And making the proper alterations.

8. Stretching. You must prepare for wherever the night takes you.

9. Giving yourself a pep talk. Sometimes, the only person who can pump you up is yourself.

10. Taking a nap. Seriously, that's a thing that happens.

11. Hugging it out. Sometimes, you need to have a bestie powwow when things are going wrong.

12. Stealing toilet paper. It's free!!

13. Practicing your dance moves. You want to make sure you look good before you go seduce someone on the dance floor.

14. Getting into a fight.  OK, you're probably watching a fight from inside the bathroom stall.

15. Texting. Obviously.

16. Crying. So. Much. Crying.

17. Gossiping.  The bathroom is a sh*t-talking mecca.

This article was originally published at Popsugar Love. Reprinted with permission from the author.