10 Things Attractive Women Do (That The Rest Of Us Can Learn From)

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You probably hate her. She's on TV, in the movies, or even at your workplace. And she's gorgeous.  

Men flock to her. Women envy her. Everyone knows who she is because she's that woman. The gorgeous one. The beautiful one. The one everyone wants to look like. And she didn't get that way by accident.

Sure, she was born with good bone structure and a tendency to look great at whatever body shape she's rocking (remember Adele — beautiful people come in all sizes). God probably gifted her with big eyes. But beyond that, her beauty's all work.

Without that work, she'd look about the same as you — check "stars without makeup" if you think it's crap. She isn't inherently more beautiful. She just does things differently than you.

Here are 10 things the most attractive women do differently that we can all learn from:

1. She cares about what she looks like

This is a woman that cares about what she looks like. She doesn't tumble out of bed as a fresh-faced flower. She has to work at it. She might care because she wants other people to think she's beautiful. She might care because she likes to be beautiful for herself. But regardless of why she cares, she cares enough to work for it — whatever it takes.

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2. She's a product junkie

You don't get good skin by sitting in the sun and forgetting about it. She moisturizes. She dabs on eye cream. That long hair has several different products she uses on a rotating basis. And her makeup? Don't even think about her makeup. She has more makeup than a small-town drag queen.

You could divide her products into skin, hair, and makeup — above the usual shampoo and razor, and toothpaste that everyone has. She doesn't have any bathroom counter space left at this point.

3. She probably works out

Tone is better than jiggle, and someone who works out is healthier than someone who isn't. She probably hits the gym, does pilates videos, or visits a yoga studio. She works at her body, and most of all, she's comfortable in her own skin.

4. She's confident

You don't look gorgeous if you're constantly shrinking in on yourself. When you walk, you have to work it, not hunch. Beautiful women are confident — not because they're beautiful, but beautiful because they're confident. They don't worry about what you personally think of them. They care what they think about themselves.

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5. She uses expensive products...

She's prioritized a few expensive items that she can't live without. These are probably things like wrinkle cream, conditioner, and undereye concealer. For long-term purchases, she goes as high-end as possible: she probably owns a very, very, very nice hairbrush and straightening iron.

6. ...but she probably uses good cheap stuff where she can

She's not just scooping up crap makeup from the drugstore counter. She's done her online research and her own and knows what she likes that you can get cheap from Target.

Her lipstick, in particular, probably comes from somewhere other than Sephora, and probably lasts all day. She bought a knockoff beauty blender and probably some primer and fixing spray. Don't know what that is? That's why you're asking how she does it.

7. She loves her clothes

Little girls love to dress up, and she probably never grew out of that. She probably has too many clothes, but many of the pieces she has been carefully chosen, classic items that go effortlessly from style to style. She's invested in good denim and a classic tee; she has some gorgeous casual dresses and a few formal pieces that really bring it.

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8. She loves her shoes

Sure, she has a few classic pieces: the high black heel, the nude heels, the black kitten heel, and the red stiletto. But she also bows to the pressure of the season and buys what's hot. One of the easiest ways to update an outfit is to update the shoes, and she knows it. She can rock boots, stilettos, kittens, and flats with equal aplomb, depending on the outfit.

9. She knows her personal flaws — and works with them

If she's got short legs, you'll rarely see her in flats and a knee-length skirt. If she's got a big nose, contouring is one of her best friends. Are her eyes too close together? She makeup-magics that, too. If her arms are jiggly, she wears sleeves. She knows what looks bad before you do, and she takes steps to make sure you never notice it in the first place.

10. She keeps a classic look

You usually don't see her with rainbow hair, spacers in her ears, or full-sleeve tattoos. But she might have that certain rebellious je ne sais quoi: a tiny nose piercing, a small tattoo, some trendy highlights, or hair dye that isn't super-flashy.

Because above all, a beautiful woman is not flashy. She's not all trendy. She's classic, stand-up straight has flawless makeup, and has gorgeous hair. She's confident in who she is. And that, more than anything, makes the difference.

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Alissa Scully is a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom. She got her degree in English and spends much of her time teaching freshmen, political activism, and media work.