10 GIF Reactions To The Kardashians Vs. Amber Rose Twitter War

Kim Kardashian from Late Night With Seth Meyers

The Kardashians are at war with Kanye West's ex, Amber Rose. This won't end well.

Probably the best part about Twitter is that it gives famous people a place to say things to other famous people without having to put too much thought into it. This has led to fight after fight on the social network. Every single time, these fights have resulted in the same result, us being entertained.

For example, the Kardashians are currently going at it with Amber Rose. Rose is friends with Blac Chyna, who rapper Tyga apparently left for Kylie Jenner, who's not even 18 yet. Obviously, this doesn't sit well with Rose, so she had some choice words to say about Kylie. Khloe Kardashian, trying to be a good big sister, tried to shut Amber Rose up by reminding everyone that Amber used to be a stripper when she was a teenager.

Amber responded by taking the gloves off and starting calling out the Kardashian clan on their hypocrisy. It all culminated with Amber tweeting a photo of Kanye that calls out Kim for having a sex tape, after she had previously called Kim a whore.

Oh, and remember how Kanye West dated Amber Rose, then cheated on her with Kim Kardashian? There's that too.

So, go grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. Also, check this collection of GIFs documenting the Kardashians' and Rose's reactions to this whole thing!

This was basically what Khloe Kardashian was trying to say, but in a really mean way If she had asked politely, maybe things wouldn't have gotten so crazy.
<a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Khloe Kardashian - Giphy</a>
This is Amber Rose's response, perfectly personified This move, right here.
<a href="http://www.tumblr.com"/>Amber Rose - Tumblr</a>
"Oh, Amber mentioned me in a tweet, I can't wait to read it I wonder what she said."
<a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Kim Kardashian - Giphy</a>
She's probably upset that no one is tweeting directly at her
<a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Kim Kardashian - Giphy</a>
Also, that sex tape is such old news Can't people just take Kim as a serious artist now?
<a href="http://www.tumblr.com"/>Kim Kardashian - Tumblr</a>
I mean, it's just one sex tape It's not even that big of a deal.
<a href="http://www.tumblr.com"/>Kim Kardashian - Tumblr</a>
This is Kim after trying use Photoshop herself It's just so complicated.
<a href="http://www.giphy.com"/>Kim Kardashian - Giphy</a>
All of this happened because of Khloe and Kylie? I'm sure that's going over well with the family
<a href="http://www.tumblr.com"/>Kim Kardashian - Tumblr</a>
At the end of the day, this sum's up Kim's feelings about this perfectly
<a href="http://www.tumblr.com"/>Kim Kardashian - Tumblr</a>
But seriously, maybe you shouldn't call kettles black Or be passive aggressive towards someone who isn't afraid to just get regular aggressive right back at you.
<a href="http://www.tumblr.com"/>Amber Rose - Tumblr</a>