I Can Sum Up Being A Wife In These 10 Texts I've Sent My Husband

what marriage is really like


You can tell a lot about what marriage is really like by the way a couple communicates. Verbal and nonverbal communication is a tell all, whether you realize it or not. The way you interact with one another when you’re in a room, or even across the country, says a lot about your level of trust, love, and genuine affection for each other.

When you're with someone non-stop for the rest of your life, in sickness and health (and all that stuff), things can sometimes get weird. One day you’re waking up next to one another in the bliss of morning sunlight, dreaming about the days ahead, and the next you’re peeing on the toilet while watching your husband brush his teeth and attempt to hold a conversation with a toothpaste-filled mouth. These are the glory years, folks.

But when it comes down to it, this is the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with, and you wouldn’t want to be experiencing the mundane aspects of life with anyone else.

I'll tell you what, though: when I look back at our texts, I see a love story. A weird, slightly offensive and always funny love story, but a love story all the same. 

Every couple can relate to the "what do you want for dinner tonight?" conversation. Watch the video below for a hilarious text exchange between a married couple:

We live in a world marked by technology and forward-moving communication methods, and lucky for us, this means we have the beauty of text messaging. People have the capability to relive conversations from hours, days, or months ago at the swipe of a finger. With a little digging, you can find some moments that highlight the essence of your relationship with your spouse.

Marriage is a wonderful thing people have the opportunity to experience, and every relationship has its own story about what marriage is really like. Maybe you met online and your initial conversations were rather superficial and full of “get to know you” type texts. Or maybe you’d been best friends for years until he finally asked you to be something more. However you got there, this is someone you’ve begun to build a life with and will continue to do so with one another.

Your marriage may be unique, but I think you might see a lot of your marriage in our texts, too. If so, you're just as lucky as we are. 

Check out our hilarious, mundane texts that basically sum up the entirety of marriage.

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1. We like to keep things spicy. Literally... and heartburn-y.
2. Darn. I was really looking forward to growing it out and color matching it with my summer wardrobe.
3. I'm throwing in the dish towel. It's all yours, baby.
4. I lost him at wings.
5. Apparently my husband hasn't seen "Scream." You think you know somebody.
6. Husband, meet reality.
7. If I was going to use duck tape, garbage bags and a mop on someone, it would probably be him. I can only take so much of the farting and selective hearing before I'm on an episode of "Snapped."
8. Would you believe he asked me the same thing about four hours later? And he was serious.

9. Weekends aren't what they used to be.
10. He's always wondering what's in it for him.