11 Problems Only Girls With Short Hair Understand


Having a short haircut comes with a lot of perks, like not having a shower drain filled with hair and being able to save money on expensive conditioners. But along with those perks, there are a few, well, problems that only girls with short hair will understand:

1. Everyone thinks having short hair is super easy to do but in reality, you don’t have the option of a cute up-do or ponytail that you can rely on.

2. The stereotype that short hair isn’t feminine and at the most crass, “butch.”

3. Not just “anyone” can cut and style your hair and you become fiercely loyal to the person who does it to an almost “Single White Female” level.

4. With that said, you have to get a haircut every few weeks. You hear friends say they go months between haircuts and find that as improbable as somebody not liking pizza.

5. Cowlicks.

6. The first shower after getting your “short” haircut when you go to grab your hair and there’s hardly anything left there.

7. Bad haircuts are more noticeable, as are any blemishes on your face that you can’t cover by sweeping your hair over your face.

8. Uneven regrowth and limited style options once you go short—unless you’re patient and wait for the (uneven) growth again.

9. The awkward stage in between super-short when you can wake up, run product through your hair and go.

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10. That also-awkward stage when you can put it back into a teensy-tiny ponytail.

11. When you wear a hat, all your hair disappears.

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