Partying & Pasties: Why I Support Miley's Wild Child Lifestyle


Don't we all wish we could be rich, naked and 21 again?


Shocker! Miley Cyrus is in the news again. This time it's because she was photographed having a grand ole' time at the Alexander Wang after-party. Boobies out, pot-shaped earrings, making out with Alexander Wang — she was the life of the party. As usual.

My first two thoughts when I saw the pics. 1) At least she wasn't photographed making out with Wang's wang. And 2) I'm happy Miley is like every other woman and has uneven boobs. Lefty is bigger than righty, just like me!

Ultimately, Miley is a famous 21-year-old girl with raging hormones and a zest for partying. Who cares that she's rocking ice cream cone-shaped pasties? Who cares that she's drinking? Twerking? It's not like she will lose her job because of these photos or her partying. In fact, she will just become more popular, get more Twitter followers, and Facebook fans. In Hollywood, Miley wins when these pictures go public.

But I might be the only one who thinks this way. The naysayers will note that there are many famous 21-year-olds who don't behave like Miley. To that I say, so what? You're not Miley and Miley isn't you. Sure, other pop stars and actresses may have more class, but they're behaving in a way that is true to themselves. Miley is doing what she feels like doing, what feels natural to her. Who are we to judge? I'm a big believer that the entertainment world needs people like Miley Cyrus, because if everyone was a Charlotte, we, the media, would be out of business.

Personally I sit in a cubicle eight hours a day and spent my weekend doing laundry. If I could switch places with Miley for just one day, I would. I would love to be 21 again, rich, worry-free and having a blast with my famous friends. Because WHY NOT? Instead I'm 30, somewhat responsible and can't even afford an Alexander Wang t-shirt. Who is the real winner here?

There may come a day when she will be embarrassed by her behavior. When that day comes, she can have a lunch date with former wild child Drew Barrymore and learn how to class herself up. Ultimately, she will be okay and so I say mozel tov to having a good time now.

My only tip? Use protection and don't do dirty drugs. Just know when the party ends, and don't become a Lindsey Lohan. Stick with that and you'll be good for many moons to come.

Until then, party on, Miley. Party on.

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