16 Reasons Beyonce And Jay Z Need To Work It Out


Are Jay and Bey going to make it?


Page Six has recently discovered that Jay Z and Beyonce are having some serious marital problems, especially after that huge elevator fight at the 2014 Met Gala with Solange Knowles, Bey's little sister.

A source told Page Six that they believed there were marriage counselors currently on tour with them while they try to work out their problems. The source told the post, "They are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing . . . This is a huge concert tour and they’ve already gotten most of the money from the promoters up front." Say it isn’t so!

How can we live in a world where Jay Z and Beyonce are not the most powerful couple in the world? Basically we can’t and they will just have to figure out how to make it work for our sake. Bey, Jay, listen up, because here are 16 reasons you should work it out versus ending it!

Because if they broke up it would be worse than that time Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston.
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There is nothing better than Jay Z and Beyonce Duets and we couldn’t live without them.
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Blue Ivy Carter should not be a child of divorce. Ever.
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She’s far too classy for that.
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There is literally no couple in this world that is more powerful than Bey and Jay.
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Even the Obamas understand that they are less important than them.
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We like Beyonce’s songs when they are about love and aren’t sure we could handle all the divorce ballads.
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Who else are we going to aspire to be if they aren’t together anymore?
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Umm, they’re currently on tour together, so they really need to work it out for all the fans who spent their livelihood on tickets to the show.
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Although it would be great to see their rebound relationships, they will never find anyone as good as each other so it’s pretty futile to attempt dating.
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Seriously Jay Z, you will never find better than her, you think about that, sir.
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Sorry, but Beyonce had one of the greatest videos of all time, even Yeezus knows what’s up.
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Look at her, she’s perfect:
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And if she can "surfboardt," whatever that means, she’s probably a keeper.
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For real though, no one looks like this IRL:
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Finally, they are so adorable, it would just kill us if they broke up.
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