5 Reasons Harry Styles Needs To Ditch One Direction


Harry Styles of One Direction would fare well on his own. Here's why!

The rumor that One Direction's most popular hunk and Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend Harry Styles is gunning for a solo career is nothing new.
The gossip popped up – again!— and it was refuted, with a source saying that Hazza is not going the Justin Timberlake route. Remember, JT pursued a red hot solo career, which really and truly helped spell the end of 'N Sync as we knew it. 
But back to Hazza, as he is affectionately known, and 1D.
A source said that "Harry has no plans to go solo … Harry is very reliant on the guys and feels much more secure when with them."

Right. We know the One Direction boys have become super tight and are BFFs as they have ruled the boy band world, a unique experience that only the five of them can comprehend. And while the Directioners likely breathed several sighs of relief and feel that they can sleep soundly tonight after hearing that the rumors are false and that Hazza is staying put, we have put together five rock solid reasons why Styles should go solo.

Directioners will consider this blasphemy, but fans of Hazza and those flawless curls of his might concur.

We're just preparing for the inevitable. Ladies under 18 who call themselves Directioners should follow suit.

He can distance himself from the scandalous behavior of his bandmates.

There were some rumblings (and reported videos) of 1Ders Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking pot recently, which caused Directioners to lose their damn minds, since One Direction are supposed to set a good example for fans. Hazza wasn't directly a part of this drama. However, what one or two of the boys do tends to reflect on all of them.

Harry Styles drinking coffee - Instagram

He can stand on his own, thanks to his cool style and artistic merit.

Styles has a great voice. He has terrific, well, style. He is often seen front row at Fashion Week in London. He has all the trappings, both talent-wise and image-wise, of a solo pop singer, so he can stand on his own two (Burberry-covered) feet. Maybe he wants to write an album of songs about T. Swizzle writing an album of songs about him, which she may very well do in the future. He can't exactly do that within the 1D paradigm or construct.

Harry Styles - Instagram

No need for a showmance.

If on his own, H. Styles won't be forced into another showmance, a la his "relationship" with Kendall Jenner, a satellite Kardashian, which was all over the media in late 2013 and earlier this year. He was often seen with the model and reality star, supposedly at her momager Kris Jenner's urging. The "Hendall" photos always seemed totally staged and forced, and were likely an effort to drum up publicity for both sides. It's not the first time that has happened in Hollywood. If he went solo, that would be an interesting enough story angle for the media!

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All boy bands break up.

Sorry, it sucks, but they do. It's an inevitable reality and a fact of boy band life, so why not speed up the process? Even Simon Cowell, the man responsible for putting 1D together and whose bank account grows exponentially and whose wallet gets fatter thanks to the boys and their efforts, is prepared for a split. Si Co has said he knows that this band has a shelf life and a future split is coming, since it's a cold, hard fact of the music biz. Just ask Lance Bass or Chris Kirkpatrick.

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He can and should capitalize on fame now.

Styles should strike while that iron is red hot. He will never, ever be as famous as he is right now. We know he is just 20, but he is at the height of his fame. If he goes solo too late, he might be chasing that cold, hard mistress known as fame along with trying to establish a solo career. Why not be as famous as ever while doing that? That's how J. Timberlake caught post-boy band lightning in a falsetto bottle. Just sayin'.

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