Admit It: You Wish Taylor Swift Was Your BFF, Too!

Taylor Swift Friends

Taylor Swift's besties remind us that a friendship can be the most valuable relationship of all.

If you follow Taylor Swift on Instagram, you are well aware of the fact that she has an impressive circle of celeb BFFs. There's Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Karlie Kloss, Lorde, Sarah Hyland and Lena Dunham; it's the A-est of the A-List. While at first I felt like you need to fill out an application, sign a non-disclosure agreement and a photo release in order to bro down or bake (yes, that's a thing) with T. Swizzle, I have come to appreciate the fact that she is single-handedly (with a perfect cherry red manicure, of course) redefining the notion of female celeb friendships. No frenemies here!

While one only need to listen to a handful of Swift's songs to discern the status and nature of her much-discussed and much-maligned love life, her IG feed reveals quite a bit about her carefully curated and perfectly edited faction of famous friends. Swift and her gal pals bake. Mmm, delish! They go on road trips. Ooh, fun! They hit the beach. Coolness! They celebrate the Fourth of July. Awesome! They document everything, and not just because they are all so freakin' photogenic.

But despite all of the supposed perfection, Swift and her girl posse are shaking up the idea of the female celeb friendship. Remember when Britney Spears hung out with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan? The photo showed Brit Brit, who was the biggest pop star in the world, looking incredibly uncomfortable in the company of P. Hilt and LiLo. It was clearly a devised photo opp and a scheme hatched by publicists or the media. Really, who would believe that Brit would share intimate details about her sex life or her distaste for fame with either of those two? It was a situation where we couldn't tell who was the host and who was the parasite. The only thing we could discern was the fact that none of them wanted to be there and all were alpha drama queens.

But with T. Swift and her troupe of bakers and songwriters and actors and writers, it's easy to believe that they had a super fun Fourth of July party, one that didn't find them ditching their panties and getting so drunk they couldn't stand up. They may have even bitched and moaned about hook ups gone wrong and soured relationships or the high price of fame. They hung out on their terms, in a controlled environment and in the sanctity of a quiet estate and without paparazzi taking photos. They shared what they wanted to share.

Sure, some Swift haters will quickly comment how she forces her pals to hole up in her bunker and do boring arts and crafts, but haters gonna hate. Besides, I'd totally nosh on Swift's cookies or make red, white and blue necklaces with her.

Oftentimes, girl-on-girl crime is as extensive and as reprehensible as stealing another woman's boyfriend or as simple as saying "I prefer hanging out with guys over girls as friends" or "I don't like girls." It's almost treated as uncool to have a female bestie. Taylor Swift is reminding us that it's not only cool, but essential, and when properly watered and cared for, the female bestie can last a lifetime and be that which helps you navigate the most turbulent of life's many storms. That applies to celeb and civilian relationships. 

When Swift captioned this photo "Family Portrait," we don't doubt that she meant every syllable. She truly puts forth the vibe that she is blessed to have these people in her life.

While the media prefers to measure Swift's life by her hook ups with Harry Styles, Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner, isn't a little more refreshing to watch her enjoy the ladies who enrich her life on all levels other than romantic? There is more to life than that.

Yes, there is. And more females should follow T. Swizzle's lead.

Oh, and totally off topic, but who thinks Lena Dunham got "in trouble" for flipping the bird? Can you just picture T. Swift gasping, "Leeeeeeennnnnnaaaaaa!!" after seeing her non-verbal gesture? And that's what makes their friendship so awesome.