Who Does 'Bachelorette's Chris Soules Name As The Next Bachelor?

'The Bachelorette's Chris Soules

Andi Dorfman has become somewhat of an open book since becoming the star of The Bachelorette. Viewers know the type of guy she's looking for and that she loves nothing more than her family and her job — or so we thought.

Reports surfaced last week claiming Andi quit her job as an assistant district attorney in Atlanta, which came as quite a surprise to viewers — almost as much as Nick's behavior during the group date in Marseille, France. Wait, my mistake, that was actually right on point for him.

Not everyone has been a fan of Andi's supposed decision, with some seriously tough Twitter comments lately, but Chris Soules, a farm boy from Iowa who's still in the running for Andi's final rose, is coming to this Bachelorette's defense, politely telling the world to shut their mouths.

"You know, Andi's in a unique situation, and I know she's a smart girl — an extremely smart girl," Soules told YourTango in a recent interview. "And I trust her judgment as to how she's making those decisions when it relates to her career ... and she's doing the best for her and the place she's working for."

And we have to agree with him. Has anyone considered that maybe Andi had to quit her job in Atlanta because it's impossible to work there when you're living in, say, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Florida or even Iowa, should Chris be the last man standing?

Chris added, "I can imagine that she has a lot of distractions, that maybe she just [doesn't] feel as though she can give 100 percent."

YourTango: Are there any guys that you're surprised are still around? Anyone you just don't see having a connection with Andi?
Chris Soules:
I'm not sure what she sees in each individual guy because I don't get to — she doesn't talk about everybody that much. And there's some guys that haven't even had one-on-one. Cody, for one, has not had a one-on-one. I guess off the top of my head, Cody would be the first one I'd say, "Okay, where are they at? Where is their relationship at right now?" because they haven't had that serious time together. I know that I would feel the same way if I was Cody ... Until they get to that point, then it's hard for me to really judge where they're at. But the guys that are left are great guys. And I can't see any reason why any one of them would not be able to have a great relationship with Andi. 

YourTango: Every season there seems to be someone who is at least a little deceptive, whether they are outright lying or just acting one way with the Bachelorette and another way with the guys. Some viewers might say that's Nick this season. Thoughts?
Chris Soules:
I really can't say that I felt like anybody is being deceptive. Obviously, the relationship between the guys is just that — a relationship between us as friends or competitors, however you want to handle the situation. That relationship is going to be inherently different than the relationship Andi has with each individual guy. So, I know that the way I handled my time with Andi was special ... And after that moment ended, I would focus on that. I would work on my relationship with the guys and handle that totally different. And that, to me, is not deceptive. ... To my knowledge, and even as I'm watching the show, I don't see that really being the case, quite honestly.

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YourTango: You seem to have a really good relationship with a lot of the guys in the house. Of those that have been eliminated so far, who do you think would make a great Bachelor on the next season of The Bachelor?
Chris Soules:
 I mean, that's a tough question for me to answer. From day one I was impressed with the quality of individuals. You know, just sat there in the room and, like, 'Wow. How am I in this room with all these guys?' Because you kind of expect maybe there's going to be a few guys who just aren't, they're just, whatever. But there weren't. And Marquel [Martin] is a great guy, you know. And he's extremely good looking, successful, talented. I had a great relationship with a lot of the guys. And I think I don't know what it takes to be the next Bachelor ... But I think they all have their special traits [and] they all deserve to find love. And I think that they were all here for the right reasons. I can't really put my finger on anybody. But I do know that Marquel is a great guy. Obviously, he's getting some attention ... They're all great candidates. That's why they're here.