I Tried The (Painful) Pinwheel Sex Position And Yeah, NEVER Again

It's like walking past a bakery and getting a whiff; it's just enough to make your mouth salivate.

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There are many things that I prefer shallow: cuts (don't want stitches), bowls (easier to access food), pools (I'm a crappy swimmer). But sex is not one of them. That's why I was skeptical about trying the Pinwheel sex position. After all, what would be the point of having a penis only go part way in?

Neither T nor I were sure, but we were both horny, so we didn't really care as long as it involved taking our clothes off. After warming up in the Jacuzzi downstairs, we went back up to get down and dirty. Not wasting much time, T tore my bathing suit off and led me over to the bed.


He laid down on his back propping himself on his elbows with his knees bent in butterfly pose. I got on top lowering my nether regions onto his. Then, instead of leaning forward as I might do in "woman on top," I lay back using my hands to stay propped up.

Then he put one leg on top of me (still flat and bent a la butterfly) holding me down. So if you looked at us from an aerial view, we would look like a little pinwheel. Or maybe a bow tie.

"Ready?" he asked.

"You know what, I'm not really into your foot on my chest. It's kinda weird," I replied. There was something decidedly unsexy about a foot (even if it was T's) on me. "Let's just have both your legs behind me."


"Whatever my little cupcake wants!" He moved his leg and I repositioned.

"OK, now I'm ready!" I exclaimed enthusiastically. He held onto my thighs and started to thrust.

"You know, I wasn't sure about this but it's kind of fun," I said. "It's like a tease before the real thing."

"Yeah I know what you mean," T replied. "It's getting me kind of worked up."

As we went back and forth, I found myself slowly getting turned on by the slow buildup. It's like walking past a bakery and getting a whiff; it's just enough to make your mouth salivate and want more. You're not satisfied until you have the real thing, but you enjoy getting titillated.

The Pinwheel also made it easy for T to play with my clitoris, not to mention a whole new view he had yet to experience. Nonetheless, this sex position wasn't one either of us could enjoy for long. We quickly switched to regular old woman on top where I rode him until we both collapsed in a sweaty heap.


Penetration just wasn't deep enough to really fully enjoy the act, but it served as a great appetizer for the main course.