The New Royal Portrait: Will & Kate's Dog Lupo Steals The Show!


Learn about Lupo, the royal pup who stole the spotlight in Will and Kate's family portrait!

Lupo, the royal dog, may be the most adorable member of the Royal Family -- besides Prince George, that is! And Prince George may have affected Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship with the canine cutie. But don't worry: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge still love the furry guy!

Lupo, a black Cocker spaniel, was the apple of William's eye since his birth in December 2011 from a litter bred by none other than Middleton's mother, Carole. Lupo was a replacement pet for William's childhood dog Widgeon, who passed away in 2010. (And anyone will tell you, losing a pet is devastating, so it took a really special guy to mend the Duke's heart!)

There was some concern over how Lupo would get along with baby George once the third in line to the throne was born.

"When you have a young couple, like the royal couple, before they have children, the dog becomes the center of their universe. They treat it like their child," Nicholas Dodman, director of the Animal Behavior Center at Tufts University's Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine told Good Morning America when the little royal baby was born. "You can see how the dog becomes the center of their universe, totally spoiled, but that sets the stage for him having his nose get out of joint when their baby comes and disrupts his harmony."

Rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth was also worried that Lupo may clash with her Corgis, so for a long time he was reportedly banned from Kensington Palace -- but thankfully, he had Kate Middleton's brother James temporarily and lovingly looking after him.

But dude, can't they afford trainers to keep the pets in check? And if not, the place is big enough for the Corgis and Lupo to easily be kept apart. Calm it down, Queen Liz!