Sexy Alert: Why Wearing Red Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Sex: Why Red Is The Sexiest Color

If finding a date or getting preggers is your goal for this upcoming weekend, then we have one word for you: red. Yes, red; or more specifically, a little red dress.

According to new research, the color red is just the ticket to showing men that you're open for business.

But why? What is it about red that drives men crazy? Well, that's up for speculation, although some scientists attribute it to the "flushing of the
face" after some sexy times, because it turns on the primal instinct in men. Oh, dudes … they can be so easy.

The research also included how women are also drawn to the color red when they're ovulating. See? Even subconsciously we're in touch with just how much of an effect red has on our love and sex lives.

Which brings us to the online dating circuit. Not only did OkCupid, through a survey of their singles, found that women in red hot clothes were the ones getting messages, but they were receiving the date proposals, too.

This informal research was backed up by the University of Southern Brittany where 64 women whose profile photos were digitally altered to the color red every two weeks for a year, led to some very promising findings. It was those women in red who "generated 21 percent of the total messages, compared with 14 to 16 percent of messages when the women were wearing black, white, blue, yellow or green."

Also, for those of you looking to score a pricy meal, the color red is likely to make a man spend more bucks on you. 

Takeaway? Red is the best color in the history of the world. While blue may be the most favored color out there, it's red that's going to make things happen.

With that in mind, here are five red dresses perfect for any date.

The Playful Cocktail Dress
It's always 5 pm somewhere, so this is the dress that works for any and all occasions.
$265, Ann Taylor

The Seductive Cutout Dress
As if the color wasn't already hot enough, the cutout aspect of this dress is definitely going to get the man in your life all wound up.
$80, Topshop



The Laidback Maxi Dress
We only have a couple more months of summer left, and nothing says "relaxing" like a maxi.
$79.32, asos



The Flirty Red Slip Dress
Here's a great alternative to the "little black dress" that's bound to get you even hotter results.
$124, The Outnet

The Classic Day-To-Night Dress
Know you have a drinks date right after work, so you don't have time to change? That's exactly where this perfectly charming day-to-night dress comes in handy.
$198, J.Crew