Oscars 2014! 'Dallas Buyers Club' Takes Home Six Nominations

'Dallas Buyers Club'

'Dallas Buyers Club' scores top Oscar noms — and teaches us about love and friendship along the way.

Best Picture. Best Actor. Best Supporting Actor.

Those are just a few of the Oscar noms Dallas Buyers Club just picked up. It's a year of stiff competition, but we think this flick might meet a couple of gold men on March 2.

Dallas Buyers Club stars Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof, an electrician, hustler and all-around rodeo fan who is diagnosed with AIDS and given just 30 days to live. He's in denial, but when his health worsens, he knows he needs the right meds. It's 1985, and the FDA is only testing a few drugs that might be helpful. Soon after his hospital stay, Woodroof is on his way to Mexico to pick up medication for himself and other AIDS patients who are willing to pay $400 a month to join the buyers club.

Woodroof learned a few lessons in life and love during this process. Let's take a look at those now:

1. The blessing that comes with bad things? Realizing who's worth your energy and love.

Ron's friends are shocked by the news of his AIDS diagnosis. But instead of researching the illness and helping their friend survive, they feel scared that they'll catch the disease just from standing next to him. Those aren't real friends.

2. Real friends will go out of their way to help you.

After seeing Ron in the hospital a few times, Dr. Eve Saks (Jennifer Garner) put her medical license at risk to help Ron and Rayon run the club. As for Rayon, an AIDS positive transgender woman played by Jared Leto, she dresses as a man to visit her father with the request to sell her life insurance policy. She knows she's getting sicker, and Ron needs the money to travel to Mexico for more medication. Rayon knew it was one of the last ways she could help Ron and others.

3. Never judge.

Ron first meets Rayon when they shared a room at the hospital. Ron, a homophobic who has never met a transgendered woman, is not surprisingly judgmental of Rayon. Once he travels to Mexico to get his hands on medication, Ron gets the idea that he could profit from importing drugs and selling them to other HIV positive patients. He seeks out Rayon, as she can bring more clients to the club. They work together and Rayon eventually helps Ron open his mind about his preconceptions of others.

4. "Watch what you eat and who you eat."

Wise words from Mr. Woodruff. Your physical health is just as important as your sexual health. Protect yourself.

5. You can change lives with one simple act.

The new medications from Mexico extended Ron's life long past the doctors' initial 30 days. He died in 1992 — seven years after his diagnosis. And on top of that, he helped extend the lives of many others through the buyers club — even if the FDA tried to shut it down.

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