Oscars 2014! Life & Love Lessons From 'Blue Jasmine'

'Blue Jasmine'

A classic Woody Allen film with an extra dose of neurosis.

You can expect two things from a Woody Allen film: People who are completely out of their minds and complicated relationships. Check and check!

Blue Jasmine follows a NYC socialite after her marriage to a wealthy businessman falls apart. With nothing left to her name, Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) moves in with her sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins) in her small San Francisco apartment and attempts to create a new life.

Here are some rather obvious, yet important nonetheless love lessons:

1. Make sure the guy you're seeing isn't married.

Plain and simple, right? Like Ginger, you may find yourself swept off your feet by the man of your dreams. He's intelligent, funny, and you seem perfect together ... except one flaw, he's married! Unfortunately for Ginger, she leaves someone who may actually love her for a guy with a wife and kids. Check for the warning signs, i.e. he doesn't invite you to his place!

2. If you're unsure what your husband does for a living, and you're filthy rich, it's probably illegal!

Jasmine quite enjoys her life of luxury. That is, until her husband is carted off to prison leaving her penniless. If we've learned anything from movies like Blue Jasmine and Wolf of Wall Street, it's that some things are indeed too good to be true!

3. In light of that, if you're doing illegal things and your spouse knows about it, don't cheat.

Oh, Hal, you conned people out of money, then did many, many illegal things. When Jasmine discovers her husband's plans to leave her for another woman, she is determined to get even. Cheating, seriously, just say no!

4. Everyone has baggage.

Jasmine meets a great, new (not to mention successful) guy and they begin a quick romance that almost leads to a proposal, except for one small problem, she lied about her entire past. She tells her new beau that she is the widow of a doctor. Leave it to Andrew Dice Clay to blow her cover. Everyone has baggage and if someone loves you, they will help you carry the load.

5. Moving on takes time.

When Jasmine moves out to San Francisco, she not only needs to learn how to live on a budget, but how to move on after her divorce. Does she succeed? Eh, not really, but the only thing you can really do is keep yourself busy and in time you will find yourself in a better position. Side note: Talking to yourself in public like Jasmine does is pretty weird; try writing things down.


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