'The Preachers Of L.A.' Wives Dish On Their Own Relationships!

Exclusive! 'The Preachers Of LA' Wives Give Relationship Advice
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Join us tonight on Twitter @YourTango for a live chat with one of the wives, Dominque Haddon!

Oxygen's hot new reality series "Preachers of L.A." follows the lives (and relationships) of six high-profile pastors from Los Angeles. Be sure to join us tonight 10pm EST for our live Twitterview @YourTango with one of the wives, Dominque Haddon! She's newly married to Dietrick Haddon, featured minister and Grammy Award-nominated Gospel artist featured on the show. In this exclusive interview, we caught up with her about the drama leading up to their wedding as his second wife, a main focal point of the series. We also chatted with Myeshia Chaney and Christy Haizlip from the show, and the three of them offer their best advice on maintaining a happy, fulfilled relationship!

YourTango: What was the last thing you did to show your partner you love him?
Dominque Haddon:
The last thing I did to show my husband that I love him was making him a home cooked meal of baked chicken, greens, cornbread and a bed of white rice. We eat at restaurants often due to his busy schedule, so this particular day I set out to make him dinner. He loved it!

YT: What couple do you most admire and why?
DH: The couple I look up most to are my grandparents. They were married for over 50 years. My grandmother passed away in 2011 and my grandfather longs to be with her even now. That's the love I hope to create with my husband. One that is beyond the grave. Eternal love.

YT: What's the best love advice you ever received?
DH: The best love advice I've received is that communication is the key to all relationship matters. Also never go to sleep angry and always get things right before you say goodnight.

YT: What's your most romantic memory?
DH: My most romantic memory is when my husband proposed to me! It's was so unexpected! He was so cute and nervous! He got on one knee while holding our 8-month-old daughter at the time and asked if I would marry him! It was just us and it happened on Christmas Day! It was so romantic to me!

YT: What's your tango? (What energizes, excites and motivates you?)
DH: My tango is education! I'm so excited about learning new things in an unconventional way! Whether it be through travel, word of mouth, books, the internet, television, etc; education excites me! It's like my adrenaline boost! There's so many things to discover in the world around us! In addition, I love sharing with people who may not get a chance to experience those things hands on, but they are able to by my learning and educational experiences!

This is Myeshia Chaney, the wife of Pastor Wayne Chaney. Myesha Chaney, a Long Beach native, is also a mother, motivational speaker, worship leader, recording artist, entrepreneur, author and radio personality. Her solid marriage with Wayne is featured prominently throughout the show and is a highlight for how they stay together through the trials and tribulations of being a megachurch Preacher.

YourTango: What was the last thing you did to show your partner you love him?
Myeshia Chaney: Spent the day without hindrances or distractions listening to and enjoying each other's company.

YT: What couple do you most admire and why?
MC: I admire the strength in President Barack and Michelle Obama. In the midst of a bustling family and running the country they keep their marriage sacred. When you see them together you know there is a bond that is unbreakable. I love that.

YT: What's the best love advice you ever received?
MC: Keep your husband's love tank full.

YT: What's your most romantic memory?
MC: Wayne planned our vacation to Bora Bora. We had a candlelight dinner on the water with fish swimming below. It was amazing.

This is Christy Haizlip, the wife of Pastor Jay Haizlip of The Sanctuary Church and mother to two sons and a daughter.

YourTango: I'm a sucker for a man who ... ?
Christy Haizlip: I am a sucker for a man who attentively listens and engages even if I am being a little off balance with my emotions and they have the patience to maneuver through the conversation without discounting my feelings even if it seemed silly to them.

YT: How do you keep your relationship solid and happy?
CH: Jay and I live extremely busy lives! Being in the Ministry full-time does not come with set hours, it's at times like being an emergency room doctor! So that being said, we make sure that we do spend "quality" time together at least once a week that does not revolve around ministry, but each other and or family activities. It's very important that we do this so that we stay connected emotionally and strengthened in our core relationship and that makes us better and healthier to help others the rest of the time!

YT: What's your most romantic memory?
CH: One of the most memorable romantic "moments" happened a couple of years ago on our anniversary. Jay took me out to dinner to an upscale restaurant to celebrate. Afterwards, he surprised me by taking me to an amazing hotel where he had made reservations for a suite with a beautiful view of the city — chocolate covered strawberries and non-alcoholic champagne included! It was a dreamy night, for sure!

Bonus! Check out Ron Gibson and Deitrick Haddon debate their beliefs on relationships in this sneak peek! And don't forget to catch the show, which airs on Wednesdays, 10pm EST on Oxygen.

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