'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Opens Up About Love, Dating & Marriage In Exclusive Interview


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When YourTango took to the Twitter-verse for a live interview in 2019 with Jonathan Scott of HGTV's Property Brothers fame, the floodgates opened and your tweets came gushing in.

Jonathan Scott is now famously dating New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel, but months before he found his perfect match in Deschanel, the HGTV star was surprisingly single.

During our interview, we learned everything there is to know about Jonathan Scott, his previous marriage and relationships, the type of women he dates, and so much more!


Jonathan Scott's exclusive interview with YourTango:

Read on for everything we found out during our interview with HGTV star Jonathan Scott, including what his idea of a romantic vacation is, his love for his home country of Canada, and what he's learned from his previous relationships.

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YourTango: What is a romantic vacation for you? Beach? Mountain? Or city?

Jonathan Scott: Bora Bora is the most romantic place I have ever vacationed. Beautiful.

YT: You should be the next Batman.‬ I'll totally watch that.

JS: I would be all over that.

YT: How do you feel about blondes?

JS: I have dated blondes, brunettes, etc. It's not all I look for ... do you have more fun?

YT: Best way to propose to a woman?

JS: You have to be creative. It's a moment that you can never redo. It also shows how much you care.

YT: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive, who would it be and what would say to them?

JS: I would want to meet somebody who revolutionized how we think about peace and equality: Ghandi, JFK, etc.


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YT: Where do you want to get married?

JS: It's not about the city, it's about the woman.

YT: What is the craziest/most fun thing you have ever done on a date? I went bungee jumping!

JS: I'll need more paper. Lol. Everything from indoor skydiving, scavenger hunt, couples chocolate massage, should I go on?

YT: Would you ever move back to Canada?

JS: I love Canada and go back often. Yes, I'd live up there in a heartbeat ... during the summer.

YT: Country girl or city girl? Blond red or brown hair? When you get married again would you downgrade your work or your home?

JS: I was home all the time when I used to be married. I'm not tied into one 'type'. She just has to make me laugh.


YT: Would you date a woman who already has children?

JS: I have and I'm great with kids.

YT: Does it bother you that lately Drew is coming to the dark side by wearing more plaid?

JS: Haha. I didn't even notice.

YT: You spend so much time working, do you ever have time to actually date?

JS: I always have my nights off.

YT: Are you single and how old are you?

JS: I'm 35 and yes, I'm single.

YT: What characteristics are you looking for in a partner?

JS: She needs to be as active as I am, funny, adventurous and believe in honesty and integrity.

YT: Wedding suit or wedding kilt? Drew said kilt, so what does Jonathan Scott say?

JS: Wedding kilt all the way!


YT: What do you do for fun besides taking your fur babies to the park?

JS: I love movies and sushi.

YT: Spinning rumor you're divorced going around, is it true?


JS: I did used to be married (to airline crew scheduler Kelsy Ully), but we were young and not the right match. We are still friends. I'm in no rush to find Mrs. Right. ‪

YT: How does it make you feel knowing that you are a sex symbol?

JS: It all makes me chuckle, lol.

YT: What is your favorite color of socks to wear?

JS: I like socks with personality. No specific color, but needs to match what I'm wearing.

YT: What would be the perfect romantic destination to take your girlfriend?

JS: Somewhere with no distractions so we can just enjoy each other.

YT: What is your all-time favorite romance movie/romantic novel?

JS: I loved Notting Hill!

YT: Do you usually make the first move or do you wait for the other person?


JS: I love when she makes the first move, but I'm not afraid to.

YT: Do you get tired of always being hit on, everywhere you go?

JS: Haha, people are pretty respectful and I'm flattered.

YT: Do you want to be the next George Clooney? It seems you may have a commitment phobia, lol.

JS: Haha, I don't have commitment phobia. I prefer being with that one person who has your back ... but I realize how busy I am.

YT: Do you cuss a lot, and what are your thoughts about women who cuss a lot? OK, or no class?

JS: I don't cuss a lot. More just for humor. Everybody needs to know when to be proper.

YT: How long have you been single for? Is it that you just haven't met the right woman or is there another reason?


JS: Quite a while. I'm in no rush to date or marry. I enjoy my work and my friends ... and my hounds.

YT: What women's clothing/accessory do you hate/love most?

JS: I don't like overly bulky accessories. Especially in a casual setting.

YT: Liking outdoor renovations and outdoor activities, would you want an outdoor wedding too?

JS: Outdoor weddings are the best in my opinion.

YT: If you could take a date for a romantic dinner anywhere in the world, where would you take her?

JS: To my place and I'll cook. Lol. OR, somewhere with history. Budapest was amazing.

YT: Is Vancouver as cool as people say?

JS: Vancouver Is great. Ocean, mountains, friendly people, what else could you ask for!


YT: What do you most appreciate about how your parents brought you up that prepared you for your life now?

JS: They taught me humility, integrity and to live life to the fullest.

YT: Have you ever broken a bone while renovating a house? if so which one?

JS: Nope, but I have been injured.

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YT: What is your ideal first date?

JS: Where we do something crazy, funny and close. I like to learn about her and what makes her who she is.

YT: Where in Canada, aside from your hometown, would you take someone on a romantic date/trip?


JS: In Canada, Prince Edward Island is romantic to me. That or Vancouver Island.

YT: Is it hard for you to actually meet some since you're famous?

JS: It is very hard to meet people with the right intentions. That's why I'm in no rush to date.

YT: How is it that why you — a smart, handy, caring, romantic guy — are still single?

JS: You tell me!! I even open doors and pull out chairs!

YT: Do you like chick flicks?!

JS: Don't tell anyone, but yeah, sometimes. Haha.

YT: What is your number one deal breaker?

JS: No sense of humor or no respect for strangers.

YT: Do you only date girls younger than you?‪

JS: Lol. No, I've dated older, younger, and the same age.


YT: ‏What are your biggest turn-offs?

JS: Bad attitude and no sense of humor.

YT: Would you rather rent a DVD or go to the movie theater?

JS: Depends who I'm with.

YT: Have you and your brother ever dated twins? I have a twin and we never have!

JS: Yes, we have. Haha. It was tricky!

YT: What's the most important lesson about love that you learned from your first marriage?

JS: Never stop surprising each other and show them how much you love them by taking the time to do creative, romantic things.

Thank you, Jonathan Scott, for your time and awesome answers!

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