Are The Property Brothers Gay? All Of Your Top Questions — ANSWERED!

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the property brothers are they gay

We know you love them as much as we do.

Chances are you've seen "Property Bothers" Jonathan and Drew Scott — the hottest twins ever to grace reality television — as they team up to help homeowners flip, renovate, sell and buy homes on a series of shows on HGTV.

Their adorable faces and on-screen antics have won them a huge following on HGTV and beyond.

And why wouldn't they? The Property Brothers are the total package: looks, smarts, and personality.

Here's everything you need to know about this darling duo:

1. Where were the Property Brothers born?

Drew and Jonathan Scott are native Canadians, having been born in Vancouver, British Columbia. They grew up on their family's ranch there.

2. Who are the Property Brothers parents and do they have any other siblings?


Jim and Joanne Scott have three children. The oldest is son J.D., followed by the twins, Jonathan and then Drew. Although J.D. Scott is not in the limelight as much as his younger brothers, he is actively involved in the family business. He has also appeared on HGTV's Brother Vs. Brother.

3. How old are the Property Brothers?

Jonathan and Drew Scott were born on April 28, 1978. That makes their zodiac sign Taurus.

4. Are the Property Brothers identical twins?


Yes! Jonathan was born first. Drew arrived on the scene four minutes later. The best way to tell the two apart is to always remember that Jonathan dresses casually and his brother, Drew loves to suit up!

5. How tall are the Property Brothers?

The first thing people notice about their Property Brothers, after their dashing good looks, is their height. These two measure way above average at 6-foot-5.

6. Are the Property Brothers just actors?

The Scott Brothers were interested in becoming professional actors long before they launched their first HGTV show. In fact, they first entered real estate to fund their acting ambitions.

But their real estate interests started long before the decision to actually enter real estate as a career. While their first real estate property flip happened while in college, the twins tagged along to help their father while he renovated properties.

7. Which Property Brother does real estate and which one is the contractor?

Drew decided to become a real estate agent after some negative experiences with other agents. Jonathan enjoyed construction and design, so he became a licensed contractor. 

8. How did the Property Brothers get started in show biz?

Despite the fact that both Property Brothers had appearances on shows like The X-Files and Smallville, nothing solid materialized. 

But when it was discovered that handsome real estate expert, Drew had an equally good looking and talented twin brother who also dominated the real estate industry as a licensed contractor, Cineflix got an idea for a new show — put the brothers together flipping properties and use their skills in a complementary way.

9. How did the Property Brothers end up on HGTV?

HGTV initially turned down The Property Brothers show. But as their wonder twin powers manifested and their first real shot at stardom happened, and viewer interest skyrocketed, they soon found a home on the station. 

10. Why are the Property Brothers so hot?

Besides being tall, dark, and handsome (thanks to their parents), they are both are karate experts (which is totally sexy and helps them keep fit). Here is a picture of them as teens working on killer kicks.

They are the writers of a New York Times Best Sellers List book (also, sexy).

They have two country songs and they can sing! (Singing is sexy.)

"Hold On" became a hit. It rose to No. 24 on the Country Streaming Songs chart and also landed at No. 37 on the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

The Property Brothers have plans to put together a complete country song album in the future.

Mix all that talent with suits and construction, and you've got a whole lot of hot manliness that no one can resist!

11. What is the Property Brothers' net worth?

We're looking at a combined estimated network of $10 million.

12. Where do the Property Brothers live?

Now, the dynamic duo split their time between their home in Las Vegas, Vancouver, and the U.S. —  filming out of Austin, Texas, other times from Atlanta and occasionally from New York and Nashville.

13. Are the Property Brothers gay?

No doubt, frequent viewers of Property Brothers might have noticed the impact their charisma has on wives who have participated in the show.

But, just because they don't reciprocate, doesn't mean that they are gay, in fact, quite the opposite.

14. Are the Property Brothers married? If not, who are they dating and is it serious? 

Neither of the Property Brothers is married as of the date of this article. But, both brothers are dating, and one relationship is definitely serious!

Drew Scott got engaged to his long-term girlfriend in 2016, Linda Phan.

Jonathan is currently dating a woman by the name of Jacinta, whom he at an event but didn't actually connect with on a more personal level until several months later after spotting her in the background on a photo someone posted on Facebook.


Linda is roughly an entire foot shorter than her soon-to-be husband. She has public relations and she oversees the Property Brothers show's social media. Drew sprung the big question in Toronto's Piano Piano restaurant on December 16th, 2016

Although Property Brothers Jonathan Scott is dating, he's not on his first go-round with love. He is divorced, but it's good to know that he hasn't given up on love altogether.

15. What are the Property Brothers religious beliefs?

The Property Brothers are big into helping others. Neither Jonathan, Drew, or big brother, JD have made a public statement about their own particular religious affiliation.

But, in 2014, both Jonathan and Drew Scott accepted World Vision's invitation to become Global Ambassadors to promote awareness about child poverty and child slavery. 

16. Are the Property Brothers on Netflix?

If you still haven't watched a show, don't worry. You can binge-watch to your heart's content. Netflix recently added The Property Brothers show to for those who can't get enough of their house-flipping adventures. 

17. How do the Property Brother's get paid?

The Property Brothers don't take on private clients for real estate or reconstruction work. However, they do get paid for doing the show. But, that's not their only source of revenue.

The Property Brothers are owners of Scott Living, their line of outdoor and indoor furnishings and garden decor products. Launched in 2015, they've already hit over $100 in sales. They also sell other fine furnishings offered exclusively via QVC, and get paid up to $60K for speaking engagements.

8. Is the Property Brothers staged and do the homeowners get to keep their furnishings? 

Each homeowner has to audition to be on the show. The owner of the home gets to choose which portion of the renovation they are comfortable focusing on. At the end of the show, the Property Brothers' team completes the full renovation. All furniture is kept by the owners at the end of each project.