10 Things You MUST Know About The Property Brothers

Photo: HGTV
the property brothers drew scott jonathan scott

The perfect men? We think so!

Drew and Jonathan Scott have become household names thanks to not one but FOUR different shows on HGTV: Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother and Property Brothers at Home.

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Other than the obvious (HGTV fan favorites) we know these identical twins are especially handsome. Both are exceptionally talented, with Drew specializing in real estate and Jonathan an expert in home renovations.

And their personalities … they are seriously adorable. I mean how can you not smile at their silly “arguments” and quirky jokes. 

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Drew and Jonathan here are 10 more facts about the HGTV stars:

1. One of them was surprise.

Their parents didn’t know they were having twins until the doctor saw Drew, soon after Jonathan was born. Though we’re not the least mad over this — talk about crazy news!

2. There's a third bro!

His name is J.D., and he’s older than the twins — but just as freaking hot!

3. They're still on the market. 

Jonathan may still be single, but he’s not looking for love through a reality show. Jonathan turned down an invitation to be on The Bachelor.

4. They are multitalented. 

The twins both have second degree black belts. Watch out!

5. They're tall drinks of water.

Being both handsome and tall is pretty much the perfect combo … but we didn’t think they’d be standing at 6’5!

6. They're building an empire (kinda).

Along with brother J.D., the three have ventured off into producing feature-length films through Scott Brothers Entertainment.

7. They’ve done it all

Both brothers have tried their hand in acting while appearing in the Canadian series Breaker High. Before joining HGTV, Drew was an actor and even had a small role on Smallville and Jonathan on The X-Files.

8. Literally everything…

Though it’s not him pictured above, Jonathan is a magician. Yep, people, they do it all! Jonathan says he’s always loved watching magician as a kid and instantly knew how to do it all. He used to design and do all the woodworking for his own illusions. Fun fact: If you’re in Vegas watching a magic show, there’s a good chance Jonathan created it!

9. They're Scottish nobility.

Through their mother’s side, the brothers are related to Robert the Bruce, a 14th-century ruler of Scotland.

10. They now call Las Vegas home.

The brothers were born and raised in Vancouver, Canada on a horse farm. These days the brothers live in Las Vegas, in a home that they renovated and live in together.