There's A New Property Brothers Show Coming To HGTV!

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new property brothers show

Because we can never get enough of Drew and Jonathan.

Okay, everybody make sure you've got your swooning couch nearby because I've definitely got some swoon-worthy news to share:

There's a new Property Brothers show coming to HGTV. 


I know. I know. I'm still wiping the sweat away from my brow. You know, the very natural and normal sweat that drenches my entire body when I think for even a second about Drew and Jonathan Scott, the Property Brothers, the only two men on planet Earth I would let gut and renovate my kitchen while selling me on a Malibu beach bungalow sight unseen and that is not even a metaphor. 

I know that there is a taboo against incest, but show me someone who wouldn't be aroused by the Property Brothers making out and I will show you a damn liar. 

So we have now established two things: The Property Brothers are hot as hell and everyone loves them.

With this in mind, enjoy the news that their new show, Property Brothers at Home: Drew's Honeymoon House, is set to this November with four one-hour episodes. 

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RIP Drew's single life. Let's pour one out for all the poon he shall no longer enjoy. 


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The show is set to detail the renovation of Drew Scott's Los Angeles home (he divides his time between LA and Los Vegas) that he shares with his fiancee, Linda Phan.

Because it's TV there is, of course, a ticking clock on the show: Drew wants to have his rehearsal dinner in the house, so they've got to work fast.

Thankfully, Linda, who got engaged to Drew in December 2016 after dating for six years, has worked for the brothers for a while now, so she seems pretty mellow about the entire ordeal. 

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I love that Drew is the one who is insisting on the house being ready in time, but Linda is already being accused of being a "bridezilla" just for having 14 bridesmaids, according to Country Living. 

I think not, friends, I think not. 

I mean, when Linda first moved in with Drew back when they had not been dating long, Jonathan still lived in the house. Linda didn't mind.


Anyhoo, while Jonathan Scott is always welcome at Drew and Linda's place, he's lately been living with his own girlfriend, Jacinta Kuznetsov, up in Toronto. 

Maybe if this show is well-received we'll get a show about THEIR honeymoon dream home? A girl can dream, a girl can dream.

A girl can also touch herself and think about the Property Brothers

Just sayin'. 

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