5 Totally Intense Sex Stories Starring The Property Brothers

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property brothers sex stories

Oh, the Property Brothers.

Every time I'm at the gym, the HGTV show Property Brothers starring twins Jonathan and Drew Scott seems to be playing.

The first time I watched it because nothing else was on, but it wasn't long before I was totally hooked on these mild-mannered Canadian twins who seemed so dedicated to giving their clients exactly what they needed.

The perfect home.

Both Jonathan and Drew are tall, dark, and handsome. 

They embody traditional masculinity with their DIY home projects and creativity with their thoughtful and beautiful designs. 

It should surprise no one that pretty soon I was Googling stuff like "Property brothers girlfriends" and "Property Brothers full frontal nudity." 

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Turns out, I'm not the only one who is deeply attracted to the Property Brothers. 

In fact, while I never found the penis pictures I so longed for, what I DID find was a black hole of fanfiction dedicated to the Property Brothers and their imaginary exploits.

For the most part, people writing fanfiction about the Property Brothers write incest stories.

I think because the brothers are twins, writing stories about them going to town on each other is the ultimate fodder for a fan. They don't have to worry about including some stranger who isn't them, they get to let their erotic imaginations run wild with only thoughts of Jonathan and Drew

If you want to get your fanfiction fix of the Property Brothers, there's almost TOO many sex stories to count. 

And because I am nothing if not thoughtful, I've collected 5 of the best Property Brothers sex stories out there. 

Below you'll find excerpts to each of the sex stories. If you like what you see, you're in luck. 

When it comes to sex stories about the Property Brothers, the internet is RIDDLED with them! 

1. Sex Dungeon


“I’ve been thinking, is there anything we can do about the basement?” She questioned, looking through the pictures of the house on his computer and finding one of the basement living room. At this point, Drew had finished filling out his paperwork and returned back into the office to see what Jonathan and his client were up to.

“Well, I’d have to work some numbers to check if it’s in the budget, but we could make another entertainment space down there,” He said, “Is there anything you had in mind for the basement space?” And her reply was, unfortunately, the first thought that came to mind.

Sex dungeon.” She blurted out, then gasped, surprised she had actually said that out loud. “W-Wait.. I-I didn’t mean..” Her voice trailed off as both of the brothers began laughing.

“I knew someone would ask for one eventually.” Jonathan said, still laughing.

“He’s been waiting for an excuse to use those designs he made for one.” Drew added on before Jonathan elbowed him playfully and told him to shut up.

“That’s definitely something we can add on,” Jonathan told her, “Your budget has lots of wiggle room in it.” She felt heat rise to her face.

“Y-You would?” She asked, unsure if she was actually willing to let him make one for her home. She was excited, of course, but also terrified that this is something they would know about.


. What He Wants


It was being brothers - that was the problem. He shouldn’t want his Omega brother as a mate. It just didn’t happen that much anymore. But he wanted Jonathan to fully belong to him. He wanted to mate with him, to knot with him. He wanted his cum in his brother’s belly, spilling out of him and down his legs. He wanted everyone to know that he made his brother pregnant.

Drew closed his eyes and felt himself harden at the thought of Jonathan with a full, rounded belly. He wanted to stroke the smooth flesh and feel the baby move under his hand. He wanted to tease the full nipples and suckle them a bit, get them ready for the baby to nurse on. He so wanted to look up and see Jonathan above him, belly large as Drew’s knot filled him and more cum emptied into him.

3. Corruption 


Jonathan is panting, staring up at Dave with wide eyes, as Dave smirks down at him, trailing a finger down the center of Jonathan’s bare chest.

“Look at you. So pretty. So chained up.” Dave reaches up and tugs at the chain in between the cuffs, rattling it against the headboard.

Jonathan whimpers, knowing better than to speak. Dave’s straddling him, holding himself up above Jonathan, so that he’s barely touching him, teasing. Jonathan desperately wants to arch up and grind himself against Dave, but he’s already figured out that that isn’t a good idea. At least not until Dave gives him permission.

Dave pinches one of Jonathan’s nipples sharply, grinning at Jonathan sharp inhale. “All mine to play with. I like it. And Drew said you wouldn’t like it.”

Jonathan’s sure Drew isn’t happy about this, but he’s not complaining. Dave’s hot and Jonathan’s not going to lie. He’s always been drawn to those people that give off that aura of dominance. The kind that could make him submit to them with just a glance and snap of their fingers. Dave definitely fits the bill for that.

Dave braces one hand on Jonathan’s chest and leans down to kiss him roughly, more teeth than lips and tongue, but Jonathan’s okay with that, moans into Dave’s mouth and whimpers when Dave breaks the kiss with a sharp bite to his lower lip.

“Now what am I going to do with you?” Dave hums to himself, watching Jonathan struggle to hold himself still underneath Dave.

“Any ideas, sweetheart? You can speak.” Dave says, flashing Jonathan a wicked grin.

“You could fuck me.” The words slip out of Jonathan’s mouth before he can stop them and he blushes, the red staining down his neck and chest, Dave watching in amusement.

“I’ve never seen someone blush so much. It’s kind of hot.” Dave smirks.

4. Renovation Hell


Drew carefully watches him, finally seeing his brother relax a little, and hopes that the rest of the evening can be less tense. Jonathan grabs a bottle of whiskey from their bar and downs a good amount, nearly finishing off what they have left of it. "Do you remember what you said in that interview yesterday." Jonathan asks his brother, not allowing it as a question, rather as a cold statement. He puts the whiskey back, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and facing back to stand with his brother, now face to face with him.

"What do you mean?" Drew sighs, trying to plead with his twin to turn his mood around, not wanting to focus on anything else that could come between them at this point.

Jonathan scoffs, " you don't remember when you gave a tour of the house and told the reporter about how we sleep in separate rooms. How we're not even allowed to come in one another's." Jonathan says coldly, looking back at Drew with daggers in his warm eyes. Drew can see the hurt and confusion on his brothers face, realizing just how much he's already had to deal with today, and then bring this back up.

"Jonathan, you know I didn't mean that. She was suspicious. I had to redirect her, you know how much all of this means, for our personal life to stay private and separate from our shows." Drew takes a step closer to his brother, trying to grab for his hips and slide him closer in. "I can only imagine what will be said at the Google interview this weekend for our book." He whispers into Jonathan's ear. "Fanfiction, if we're lucky." He gently kisses his jawline and laughs into his neck.

The master bedroom wasn't shown in the tour of their house. In fact, the two rooms that were staged as their own are two of the guests rooms. They have a lot of traffic during shows that are shot in the area, generally having enough rooms in the house and space for the crew to stay, either with them or their parents.

5. Pretty in Pink


Drew raises an eyebrow as Jonathan bends down to fetch another tool from the box on the floor.

"Um. Is that... what I think it is?" Drew says, bemusement blatant in his tone.

Jonathan stands up quickly, his face suddenly on fire, cheeks flushing a brilliant crimson. "Is what what you think it is?" He says, his voice a little softer with slight embarrassment.

"Cut the crap, Jonathan. You know what I'm talking about," Drew remarks, smirking a bit as he draws a little closer to Jonathan. He lowers his voice a bit and purrs the words, "little. pink. panties.

Jonathan’s face turns further scarlet, the stain moving down over his jaw and down his neck, disappearing under the collar of his shirt. “I didn’t get a chance to do laundry like I needed.”

“A likely story." Drew’s smirk is full of absolute mirth now, but deeper still beneath it is the fire of desire starting to smolder, turning the green of Drew’s eyes darker.

Jonathan’s eyes widen a little bit when he turns finally and dares a glance at Drew. He can recognize the look in Drew’s eyes, and it makes a wave of heat travel out from his groin and through his limbs, making the flush even worse on his skin, but for a different reason now.

“Take a break.” Drew’s voice purrs, and it’s not a question. Not a request. It’s a demand, and the need to immediately satisfy the commanding tone in Drew's voice makes goosebumps rise over Jonathan's arms.