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12 Adorable Texts That'll Make You Warm And Fuzzy

cute quotes love texting

Texting your love can go one of two ways: it ends up either disgustingly corny, or tender and adorable.

Thankfully, we focused on tender and adorable today.

Check out these texting examples that are sure to give you butterflies in your stomach and shivers up your spine.

And then try some out for yourself with someone you ADORE. Because life's short and they should know how much you like them. YOLO.

Love is life’s greatest gift, which is why people have a passion for love quotes - and we’ve got you covered. When it comes to saying “I love you”, the truth about marriage, or even finding the perfect love quote for your guy, we have all the cute (or sexy!) quotes you need.

Oh man this was cheesy... until he brought up Starbucks. WIN!

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cute quotes love texting

Good morning, gorgeous :)

It's just another day that I'll fall harder for you, another day where I'll get those silly little butterflies whenever you smile at me that cute little way you do, and most importantly it's another day I get to spend with my love <3

It's just another day that I'll realize I want to spend the rest of my life with this girl :)

Oh and I forgot.. I love you more than I can explain.. :) So wake up I'm on my way over with Starbucks! :)

Sincerity points! Let's just hope they pressed SEND.

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cute quotes love texting

Sure we fight & I get sad sometimes but this relationship is still the best thing in my life.

I'm happy because of you & despite our arguments, I'd only be unhappy if we weren't together.

Like a Nicholas Sparks novel, in text.

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cute quotes love texting

I want this too. I want all of it.

I want the pointless bickering, the long walks, the late night phone calls, the good morning texts.

I want cure pictures with you, to hold your hand, to make food for you, to call you baby.

The joking, the wrestling, the fights, the long how I feel text messages after we make up.

I want to be one of those inseparable best friend couples that people are like "you're still together?"

That's what I want. With you.


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cute quotes love texting

HER: NO! >:[ I love you most!

HIM: No, I love you most, and here's a little poem to prove it...

Charmanders are red.
Squirtles are blue.
IF you were a Pokemon, I'd choose you.
Your smile is stronger than a hyperbeam.
Like Jesse and James we'd make the perfect team.
I'll stay by your side like Pikachu and Ash,
and I'll love you more than a level 80 Rapidash.
You're more legendary than a Zapados, Entei or Mew.
But out of all 450, I choose you.

HER: OMG, marry me? <3

How purr-fect they found each other.

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cute quotes love texting

HER: I lubbb you.

HIM: Olive you too ((:

HER: Orange you glad you met me? (:

HIM: Awww you're raisin my smile right now. ((: <3

Hey, they know what they want.

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cute quotes love texting

HER: I love you and movies and pizza and tumblr.

HIM: You need to marry me.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

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cute quotes love texting

How do you know when you love someone?

When you wake up and they're your first thought and you're looking at your phone to see if they've texted or called you while you were asleep. 

And when you go to bed, you fall asleep thinking about them.

When you miss them, even though it hasn't been more than a day or so since you've last seen them. 

But mostly, when you put their needs before your own. When their happiness is more important than your pain.

When you really love someone, you're willing to give it your all, and you'll know when you are.

Stealth proposal!

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cute quotes love texting

HIM: You're coming to my wedding.
HER: You already know who you're marrying?
HIM: Yeah, she's gorgeous.
HER: Oh, I bet!
HIM: She's perfect. She just makes my life.
HER: Cool
HIM: So I have a question...
HER: ?...
HIM: Will you marry me? :)

We don't want it to end either.

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cute quotes love texting

HIM: I just want to hold you close
HER: And I want to fall asleep there, in that closeness <3
HIM: Oh how lovely that sounds.
HER: I don't really know what to say because the things I want to are just way too much to text, but I don't want this conversation to end either.

Not a bad way to wake up.

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cute quotes love texting

You're probably asleep but I love you and you're the most beautiful girl I have ever met, inside and out. 

Have a good night's sleep and I hope this puts a smile on your face when you wake up. :)

Sugar. Overload.

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cute quotes love texting

HER: Promise me you won't love any other girl than me.
HIM: I can't.
HER: So, there's someone else? hmp.
HIM: Yes. And she looks exactly like you, but younger. And she will call you "mommy!" :D


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cute quotes love texting

Wanna know something? Loving you was the second best thing I ever did.
What was the first?
Finding you.