Exclusive! Mario Lopez: 'I've Never Been Happier'

Exclusive! Mario Lopez On Love, Marriage & Parenting
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The expectant father talks baby names and more with YourTango!

Mario Lopez just may be the busiest guy in Hollywood ... or at least tied with Ryan Seacrest.

Mr. Who Needs Sleep? is currently juggling jobs as host of Extra, The X Factor, a radio show, Mario Lopez: One on One on Nuvo TV, and voiceover work including the animated Chica Show and Smurfs 2.

But his life is about to get even more hectic: Mario's wife Courtney Mazza is due to give birth to their second child in September, as daughter Gia turns two. For the 39-year-old dad, host, actor and author (he has another book in the works, but can't talk about it yet!), fatherhood is his favorite role of all.

YourTango: How excited are you about becoming a father for the second time?

Mario Lopez: I'm thrilled! We don't know what we're having. We don't want to know.

YourTango: Have you made lists of names?

Mario Lopez: Yeah, we had names before we knew we were having the baby. My wife would get upset with me if I shared them with you. They're definitely Italian, I can tell you that.

YourTango: How does Gia feel about having a baby brother or sister?

Mario Lopez: She's excited. She says, "Daddy, when is the baby coming?" She's going to be a great big sister.

YourTango: What do you love most about fatherhood?

Mario Lopez: Everything about it. I look forward to coming home every day and hearing those little feet running toward me. "Daddy!" It's just the best feeling ever.

YourTango: Has it changed your relationship with Courtney?

Mario Lopez: All for the better. I've never been happier, personally or professionally.

YourTango: What's the best love advice you ever received?

Mario Lopez: Treat a woman how you'd want someone to treat your mom.

YourTango: Your X Factor boss Simon Cowell is going to be a dad. Any advice for him?

Mario Lopez: Out of respect, I'd rather not comment. I just know I'm happy to be a father for the second time and hopefully a third time after that!

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