What Your Favorite Sex Position REALLY Says About You

Reverse cowgirl? Standing up? Here's what your preferred position reveals about your personality.

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Are you a fan of missionary? Devoted to doggie style? Everyone has his or her go-to sex position. But we're thinking there's more to your favorite move than just what feels best.

Our friends at The Frisky assessed eight common sex positions and the personality traits that go along with them. Whether you order "the usual" at the coffee shop, read Lean In numerous times, or are the teacher's pet in hot yoga, there's a sex position that's best for you.


1. Missionary = You keep it simple.

When you go to the coffee shop, you say "the usual" and the barista knows exactly what to make. Sure, you like to play it safe in a lot of ways, and because of that you have excellent credit, a stable job, and super-committed relationships. You don't see the harm in keeping it simple in bed. You like to look in your partner's eyes and tell them how much you love them while you do it. That will never go out of style.

2. Doggie Style = You're a closeted wild child.

You've got a tattoo that only three people in the world know about and one of them is the person you're sleeping with. In your public life you like to portray a more buttoned-up image, but in your private life it's a whole different story.


You listen to death metal on the treadmill at the gym and you like your sex life extra spicy. You have no problem getting on all fours and taking it like a woman. You'll get him back later. Pass the hot sauce!

3. Woman On Top = You know what you want.

You know exactly what you want in life and go for it: a new pair of heels, that dream job, your orgasms. You put your audiobooks on constant rotation in your luxury SUV, and god help any waiter who gets your order wrong.

4. Spooning = You're a softie.

That Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercial had you weeping for hours. And when you were done crying, you went out and adopted a rescue pet. Everyone knows you're a real softie, especially your partner, who you text every few hours just to see how their day is going.


You're easy-going and agreeable, sometimes to a fault. But whoever gets to spoon you regularly is a lucky person and better not take advantage of your sensitive heart, or the people who love you will most certainly kill them.

5. Reverse Cowgirl = You don't care what people think about you.

In high school, you used to sneak out of the house to fool around with boys and you prided your self on never getting caught. Now, you don't care who sees you doing what. You're a legend at your neighborhood karaoke bar for your rendition of "Cherry Bomb." You fight for what you believe in, whether it be the 99 percent or your right to watch a little porn to get you in the mood. 

6. Legs Behind Your Head = You like to try new things.


You're the teacher's pet in hot yoga class because you can do things with your body that most people would only scoff at. You're a seeker who's obsessed with finding new ways of connecting — with other people, your partner, your vagina, the earth.

You try to stick to eating mostly raw and organic foods, and you've taken more than one workshop to help you get in touch with the universal feminine. When you have sex, you say things like, "Our souls are touching." You're not opposed to participating in an orgy.

7. Standing Up = You're competitive.

For you, life is simply a series of competitions to see who will tire first. And it sure as hell will never be you. Sex is no exception. It can be tough to find a partner who can keep up with you in the bedroom and in life, considering your idea of a romantic date is a 12-mile run followed by a high-protein smoothie.


You consider LuluLemon to be business casual, and no one's had the guts to tell you otherwise. Once you find someone who appreciates your strength and stamina, there will be no stopping the two of you. 

8. Looking In The Mirror = You love to put on a performance.

You performed for the kids in the neighborhood growing up, and even as an adult you never really stopped performing. Whether it's at the office, at the club or in the bedroom, you like all eyes on you. You love to role play, own tons of lingerie and dirty outfits, and have more than one sex tape floating around out there.


You're not ashamed to spend your entire paycheck on grooming and pampering, because after all, you love you. Your secret life dream is to star in your own reality show like your idol, Kim Kardashian.

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