Exclusive! Jenny McCarthy On Finding Love In Hollywood

Exclusive! Jenny McCarthy On Finding Love In Hollywood

"I'm scared of celebrities. I tried it once," Jim Carrey's ex opens up to us.

At 40, super mom Jenny McCarthy has penned eight books, including Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth and Louder than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism, not to mention numerous magazine covers, TV and movie roles, as well as her own self-titled VH1 talk show. But Hollywood is hardly her scene, so Jenny and 11-year-old son Evan are now happily settled into her native Chicago. Here, the Tria Beauty spokesperson talks her fears about Evan's future wife and reveals details about her own love life. (Psst: fellas, she's single!)

YourTango: If Taylor Swift wrote a song about your love life, what would it be called?

Jenny McCarthy: Mine? This is a good question. It would be called "No Matter How Much You Love Someone, If They Don't Love Themselves, It's Useless," or something like that, that would be the hook I guess.  Or, "Get The Hell Away." That would be the title. The second single [would be] "Run" if you didn't get the message in the first one. That would be actually a great thing for her to do, a female empowerment album.

YourTango: What was the last celebrity double date you went on?

Jenny McCarthy: Celebrity double date? I don't even think I've done one double celebrity date.  I'm scared of celebrities. I tried it once, and I just, I even have a hard time being friends with celebrities. I think because of the Chicago in me, I just gravitate toward that kind of sensibility. L.A. felt so foreign to me—the people—that I kind of just kept my circle, my sister and a couple other people. I'm sorry, I feel like every prom queen and king moved to L.A., and it's superficial, so I moved back to Chicago, and now I'm there with my son, and I feel like that's probably why I'm not on these celebrity double dates.

YourTango: What kind of woman do you want your son to end up with?

Jenny McCarthy: I'm so afraid he's going to marry someone like me.

YourTango: That wouldn't be a bad thing!

Jenny McCarthy: It is. The only reason I'm saying that is because of the hardships I gave my former mother-in-law. You know, like, "Don't tell me how to parent, don't do this" ... and I know how the universe works. You know, how it kind of gives you lessons like that? So, I'm like, "Oh I hope, I hope that he finds someone that will listen to me."

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