Renee Graziano: We Didn't Do 'Mob Wives' For Attention

'Mob Wives'' Renee Graziano

Biggest misconception about the Grazianos? "We're not an organization. We are a loving family."

Renee Graziano knows a thing or two about family, fame and money.

"Money just brings heartache," the Mob Wives star tells YourTango in an exclusive interview. "We didn't do this show for attention. We did it to hopefully bring awareness to the pain it brings families."

And speaking of family, the relationship with her father—NYC mobster Anthony Graziano—is rock solid, despite reports he was no longer speaking to Renee and her sister Jennifer, creator and executive producer of Mob Wives, because of their involvement with the show. "We bend. We don't break. We have our moments, but he's my father and I'm his daughter and no one can come between that."

Among her closest non-blood relationships is the one she shares with fans and viewers, especially after revealing her addiction to prescription medication and receiving an outpouring of love and support. "Everyone was so skeptical about me admitting to my addiction publicly, but it was one of the best things I've ever done," Renee confides to us. "Although it hurt me financially with sponsors and possible endorsements, I couldn't care less because people are getting help, people are admitting to needing help, and my fans have become my family."

Renee adds, "I'm not special; I'm human and I wish more people would help each other. They say only an addict can save one, so I'm a proud recovering addict."

On a lighter note, here are some fun facts about this family-oriented mother:

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  • Her favorite romantic movie is Hope Floats. "Lady in Red is beautiful but that's only one in a billion. I'm a diehard romantic."
  • She believes in love at first sight. "It might not always be right for the long haul but it feels good."
  • What love advice would she give her younger self? "Think with your head, not with your heart and love yourself more than you love another. It will save you a lot of pain."
  • Renee's a sucker for athletic men.
  • The most out of character thing she's done for love was getting engaged one month and nine days after meeting her son's father.

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