Exclusive! Lauren Bush Lauren Talks Her Famous Husband & Family

Lauren Bush Lauren

Plus, the FEED co-founder updates us on her mission to end hunger. (The line is coming to Target!)

It's no surprise that Lauren Bush Lauren considers herself "lucky." The model is the epitome of beauty meets brains—and a dash of amazing style for good measure. Raised in Texas, Lauren is the granddaughter of the first President Bush and the Princeton graduate has appeared on the covers of Vogue and Vanity Fair. 

In 2011, she married David Lauren, son of fashion designer Ralph Lauren. "I think it's nice to have the same name as your husband. I am sort of old-fashioned in that way," she told Harper's BAZAAR of her double moniker. "Of all the people I could've met and fallen in love with, it's just ironic that David would end up with someone named Lauren."

Speaking of her husband, the co-founder of the popular FEED bags tells us what she considers the best part of being married, as well as the latest in her fight to end world hunger.

YourTango: Tell us about FEED Projects. What's next for you? 

Lauren Bush Lauren: Godiva has been a long term partner of ours, which is so exciting. [Editor note: Godiva recently named Lauren a 'National Lady GODIVA Honoree' for providing over 60 million school meals to children living in 62 countries.] It's such a part of our brand ... It was such a great, no-brainer thing to be a part of. So, last year we did a bag—they were bags all made of different African fabrics made in Liberia, and this year we're doing something very nautical, very summery for Mother's Day. It's all about Mother's Day; all about celebrating women. With each bag sold, we will be able to give 10 school meals.

YourTango: Speaking of mothers and family, how has your family supported you through this venture?

Lauren Bush Lauren: My family has been very supportive. I think I'm lucky. When said, 'I have this idea, I want to do this,' no one said you shouldn't or don't.  Everyone was very encouraging. I am very blessed. It's scary to start something new. I don't know if I would have been able to had I not had that encouragement.

YourTango: Did you get any advice from your family members?

Lauren Bush Lauren: I don't know if I can remember a specific conversation or nugget of advice, but just an overall feeling that they really believed in me and my ability to get things done. I don't even know how much I shared on the process, but I had graduated, I didn't have a job. People were asking like, 'What's going on?' I kept saying, 'I have this idea for FEED,' and I had the first bag. No one ever said you shouldn't or don't, or [asked] why are you wasting your time? They were always very positive. KEEP READING ...

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