7 Ways Jimmy Fallon Can Improve 'The Tonight Show.' Sorry, Leno

Jimmy Fallon

Under Fallon's regime, 'The Tonight Show' returns to NYC. Here are some other changes worth noting.

We're pretty stoked that Jimmy Fallon is replacing Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, because, well, Jimmy Fallon is actually pretty funny. Dude, we know! Crazy!

Aside from a major upgrade in looks, there are a few additional ways Fallon can improve upon The Tonight Show model. Here are our ideas to make it better, not just for him, but all of us. Hopefully, our grandpas won't get too pissed at the changes.

Know that a world exists beyond the 30-something white dudes that advertisers are after.
There are ethnicities! And colors! And shapes! And voices! And women! And that world is beautiful and hysterically funny if you're brave enough to expose audiences to it. And on that note ...

Hire women to fill in when you can't make it.
Joan Rivers so far has been the only late night network talk show host. Ever. That's a bummer, because we're hilarious when we're not too busy rolling our eyes at trolls like Adam Carolla. (It's cool, bro, we know you had books to sell.)

Introduce more young standup comics on your show.
We're not sure why Jay Leno felt so threatened by the notion of featuring other comedians on his show while he was hosting. Maybe he was scared that when presented with an alternative, Joe Six Pack would realize he wasn't actually all that hilarious after all.

Don't be afraid to be smart.
There's a reason why Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are winning the late night ratings wars despite being on—gasp—cable: They don't pander to people whose I.Q. matches their shoe size. Don't fear intelligence. Embrace it. It's pretty awesome.

Keep schooling us on "The History of Rap."
Have Justin Timberlake on weekly if you need to, but please don't ever stop educating us on hip-hop. And while you're at it, maybe throw in a hype man who's actually black.

Keep your giggle.
It may not have always worked on Saturday Night Live when you had to stay in character, but dude, if your jokes are good, why not laugh at them? It's a convincing sell.

And lastly, remember that no one cares about your cars.
Seriously. We may be jealous, but that doesn't mean we're interested.

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