'The Bachelor' Week 9 Recap: Sean Lowe Survives 'Women Tell All'

Sean Lowe

Did Tierra bring her "light"? And what did Sean tell AshLee?

The biggest surprise from tonight’s "Women Tell All" episode was perhaps how little of the women we saw. On most seasons, quite a few women are brought into the 'hot seat' to face host Chris Harrison (and America), while the rest of the ladies still have a lengthy platform to say their peace. This time around, however, the long-awaited episode focused on only a select few. In fact, the majority of the women didn’t say a single world throughout the two-hour broadcast.

Harrison jumped right in talking about Tierra, who wasn't sitting on stage with the other women. (Safety issue?) After Chris got a general consensus from the ladies about Tierra's less-than-sparkling personality, the most buzzed-about woman this season entered the room.

Then the fun began. 

The (delusional?) woman explained to Harrison that when she walks into a room, she brings a "light." There’s that sparkle again! She also maintained that she has nothing to apologize for, and that she was consistent throughout the season (yeah, consistently b**chy!) Finally, she confirmed her engagement to an ex-boyfriend, though she got a little coy about when the engagement took place (after a bit of prying, she said January).

Next up was Sarah. After watching the clip of her extremely tearful exit from the show, she explained that she really thought Sean could have been the one, and that being dismissed hurt so badly, because she’d opened up so much (a fairly uneventful hot seat considering the build-up.).

When it was Des' turn to take the stage, the massive applause only further confirmed her fan-favorite status, and as predicted, the beautiful brunette was diplomatic and graceful about her time on the show—and being sent home.

Then a gorgeous AshLee took the stage for what proved to be one of the most a-w-k-w-a-r-d confrontations in "WTA" history (losing out only to the exchange between Jason Mesnik and his scorned final pick Melissa Rycroft). After explaining that she felt misled by things Sean said to her in the fantasy suite (read: when no cameras are rolling), Sean came out for a personal confrontation. He painfully explained that he had thought she’d be the one, but ultimately, he wanted a family filled with laughter, and he couldn’t find that energy with her (ouch).

AshLee nodded resolutely and then asked him why he’d told her in the fantasy suite that he had no feelings for the other two women. Well, Sean?

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