Kurt Russell Gives Love Advice To Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy

Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been happily un-married for years; is Kate Hudson following that?

The reigning queen and king of couple-dom Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have one piece of advice for parents looking to meddle in the affairs of children: don't pry into their business.  Hawn's daughter Kate Hudson has been engaged for two years to rocker Matt Bellamy and the pair seem to have no current plans to walk down the aisle.

Kurt Russell isn't giving the pair marriage advice; after all, he and Hawn have spent 30 successful un-wed years together.

"We stay out of their way, obviously. But if we find ourselves talking about each other and how we feel about each other, we stand up and we say, 'Wait this is important!,'" he told People. Sometimes it is better to stay out of a couple's love life and let the couple focus on their own joys. In the long run it can only help the couple be stronger together.

So the right time to pitch in and help a couple out? Russell says, "We try not to stick our nose in where it doesn't belong, but if we sense that perhaps there is something that someone wants to talk about, I think we're open enough to say a little something if it's right and appropriate."  We can respect his parenting advice!

So does Russell, 61 have any relationship secrets to share? Not exactly. But what he did say was super sweet! He says, "I think I'm incredibly lucky to have had the experience, and even more fortunate to have it with the person I have it with." We know why Goldie Hawn has spent 30 years with this man! What a dynamic and thoughtful person!

He also admitted he and Hawn would do something special for their 30th year anniversary (of when they started dating)—which romantically enough, falls on Valentines Day.

Do you think Russell & Hawn need to get married? How about Hudson & Bellamy?

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