Leonardo DiCaprio Pays $200,000 For A Date!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Although it sounds ridiculous, it was for a good cause!

We can't confirm that Leonardo DiCaprio hasn't spent this before on a lady but we're sure it was worth it to spend it on former President Bill Clinton. Who wouldn't want to have a dinner date with a president-turned-Golden-Globe-presenter?

The Django Unchained star bid on a date with former President Bill Clinton at Sean Penn's charity auction Saturday night for Haitian relief.  The "Help Haiti Home" gala was held on the three year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti and raised $4 million for Penn's relief organization.

Desperate to dine with the former President, DiCaprio bid $100,000 to spend the day with Clinton but after being out-bidded suggested that he and two rival contenders combine the contributions and have a party of four.  That's a win-win for the Haiti relief effort and all the wonderful people who want to get to know a historic figure.

Anderson Cooper hosted the event and other attendees included Eva Longoria, Pamela Anderson and former Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut. Is it just us or are we hoping we hear all about this $200,000 date and if it was worth it for the A-list star?

Tell us: who would you pay big to go out on a date with?

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