Tom Hanks On A Second Honeymoon With Rita Wilson!

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

The 'Cloud Atlas' star opens up about his love life and amazing relationship with wife Rita Wilson.

Besides acting, we know that Tom Hanks loves his family. So, it was no surprise when he couldn't say enough about his wife Rita Wilson. He also explained that although he loves his kids, he also loves when their out of the house for some one-on-one time with his lady!

Hanks most recent project, Cloud Atlas, is one of the most ambitious film projects of the year and has one of the best casts yet. Starring Halle Berry and Hugh Grant, most actors play six to eight characters in the story about life, loyalty and family. Based on the book by David Mitchell, it features six interlocking novellas mixing with one another to explore the bigger meaning of things. Among other characters, Hanks plays Dr. Henry Goose, Dermot “Duster” Hoggins, Isaacs Sachs, a hotel manger and various others in the film, directed by siblings Andy and Lana Wachowski.

So, we had so much to ask the star who made headlines last week when dropping the F-bomb on Good Morning America, then went viral with his slam poetry bit about Full House.

This film explores the concept of soul mates. Are you a believer in such things? You met Rita Wilson in 1980 on the set of Bosom Buddies. Was the rest history?

Listen, I knew it from the get go. I met Rita Wilson and it was all over. 'Something is really different now,' I said.

What did you know?

I knew I had fallen in love and things were profoundly different with me. It happens. You gotta be lucky enough to stumble across it.

How do you and Rita have a private life? Does the paparazzi hound you?

They lost interest years ago. There is money to be made hounding a pretty girl like Halle Berry and persecuting a woman trying to raise her daughter. I drive past a preschool on Sunset in Los Angeles and there is always a platoon of 18 to 20 thuggy-looking guys trying to make money off of someone trying to take their daughter or son to preschool.

You seem peeved.

Look, as actors, we go to premieres. We go out to dinner. Take our pictures. I don’t even care. But if you’re to follow us because we had a kid or our significant other is with us then that’s not fair.

But they leave you alone. Why?

I’m not a world class beauty. I’m slow going. I was never that brand of news.

You must be happy about that fact.

I’m happy that the kids are out of the house. Did I mention that? It’s like a honeymoon again. Turn your relationship into a honeymoon again! It's good advice!

Congrats on Cloud Atlas which is garnering rave reviews. What was the appeal of it?

It’s original and creative. I loved that it wasn’t going to be simple for audiences. Lord, doesn’t that sound beautiful! A film that is original, creative and makes you think. That’s what movies used to be.

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