Harry Potter's Single! Who Should Daniel Radcliffe Date Next?

Daniel Radcliffe

Now that Daniel's back on the market, we picked five girls who'd be perfect for this low-key lover.

Daniel Radcliffe has reportedly called it quits with girlfriend of two years, Rosie Coker. The couple met on set of Harry Potter (what else) where she worked as a production assistant. So, because I think Daniel is not into the flashy and the fame, I put together a list of five gorgeous and talented ladies who would be just perfect for him.

1. Elizabeth Olsen
The 23-year-old actress may be sister to the famous Olsen twins, but she's a total indie queen. Not only is Elizabeth stunning, but she's single and on the verge of absolute superstardom. This is the perfect time for Daniel to swoop in and make his move!

2. Lily Collins
Despite being formerly attached to buff bods like Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron, I think it's time Lily date a more low-key guy. Daniel isn't a paparazzi hound, so he could teach her a thing or two about lasting love in Hollywood.

3. Brie Larson
The adorable and witty 21 Jump Street star could definitely keep Daniel laughing. Not to mention, Brie's a singer and Daniel's a big music fan, so they could bond over their love for rocking out.

4. Mia Wasikowska
Mia's appeared in big-budget films like Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre, but she's still such a normal girl.  She once said, "I still take the rubbish out and empty the dishwasher." See? Plus, they both have really, really hot accents.

5. Emma Watson
Chalk this up to wishful thinking. We all know Emma is happy with her beau Will Adamowicz, but come on. How awesome would it be if Harry actually got together with Hermione? Potterheads would die!

Tell Us: Who do you think is Daniel's perfect girl?

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