Playing Matchmaker: 3 Guys Mila Kunis Should Date

Mila Kunis dating

If we could play matchmaker, here's who we'd pair the sexy 'Ted' star with.

With her career on fire and looking as hot as ever, Ted star Mila Kunis is on top of the world—at least in Hollywood. We don't think she's in any rush to find the right guy and settle down or anything like that, but if she's looking for some single celebs that are worth her time (at least in our opinion!), we've got her list right here. Did Mila Kunis Break Up Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel?

We think Mila needs a man with a sense of humor, but also with a serious side. She's a fun-loving girl who works her tail off, so she needs someone who can handle her mega-successful career without getting jealous or feeling like any less of a man. Hey Mila, if you're reading this, here are the guys we think you should date!

1. Michael C. Hall: His divorce with ex-wife (and on-screen sister) Jennifer Carpenter was finalized last December, and we're willing to bet our favorite primetime serial killer is ready to date again. He's a bit older than Mila, but he has a really successful career as well, so there's little chance he'll feel threatened by her. He's both funny and serious, and it's clear he's a dedicated, smart actor. Who knows, maybe Mila could guest star on DexterMichael C. Hall And Jennifer Carpenter File For Divorce

2. Bradley Cooper: There's a bit of speculation over whether he's dating again after his split with Zoe Saldana, but if Mila's looking for a hot guy to take out on the town, Bradley gets our vote. He's proven his acting chops in recent years, and he's incredibly easy on the eyes. We're picturing him with Mila at a movie premiere, looking like a younger version of power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Wouldn't be a bad choice for Mila, right?

3. Josh Hutcherson: The Hunger Games star was at one point tied to Vanessa Hudgens, but rumors are the two have split. Now that he's back on the market for the time being, we can totally see him and Mila hooking up. He's talented and seems unswayed by his recent popularity, so we think he'd be a solid choice as a long-term guy for Mila. We can see him supporting her career as he works on his, and not getting cocky or envious. And, if they go on a few double dates with co-star Liam Hemsworth and his fiance Miley Cyrus, even better! Vanessa Hudgens Declares 'I'm Just Friends' With Josh Hutcherson

Tell us: Who do you think Mila Kunis should date?

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