Prince William Loves His Dog, Lupo!

Prince William loves dog Lupo
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Prince William adores wife Kate, of course, but there's another dark-haired love in his life, too.

What is it about guys with dogs that's just so freakin' attractive?

Make that guy a prince, and we're totally smitten! Aww! Did Prince William Really Give Kate A Puppy?

On Sunday, Prince William was snapped giving his and wife Kate Middleton's dog Lupo a big smooch on the head at a polo match. William was playing for charity (brother Prince Harry was on the opposing team!) at the Beaufort Polo Club when Kate stopped by with the couple's six-month-old cocker spaniel puppy, according to People.

"In true spaniel fashion he was very playful," said an observer of the rambunctious pup. 

When Lupo wasn't doing laps around the field, he was content being held by Prince William, who seems totally enamored with his royal dog. It comes as no surprise that Will and Kate adopted a dog and now take him everywhere – a puppy is great practice for a baby! 12 Facts You Didn't Know About Kate Middleton

This wasn't Lupo's first public appearance, either. At other outings, he's just as popular as his famous parents! 

"Lupo seemed to get as much attention from the people at the presentation as William and Harry," observers noted. 

That's what happens when you're the luckiest dog in the world and your parents are royalty. When he's not grabbing attention and kisses on the polo field, he's strolling England's beaches with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Someday, he'll be guarding a royal baby, though for now Lupo is certainly their pride and joy. Happy Birthday, Prince William: 15 Cutest Moments In Uniform

It's a dog's life, right?

Tell us: do you think it's sweet how much Will loves his puppy?

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