Jason Trawick Now More Than Just Britney Spears' Future Husband

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The pop star's fiancé was just awarded co-conservatorship over his bride-to-be.

We wonder, do you have a celebration for this type of thing? 

Britney Spears' fiancé and manager, Jason Trawick, was just awarded co-conservatorship of his soon-to-be wife, According to People. The decision was made by a judge in Los Angeles earlier today. Jason Trawick To Be Britney Spears' Co-Conservator: Good Idea?

Originally, we thought the desire to have Trawick share the responsibilities of conservatorship with Brit Brit's father, Jamie Spears, was Mr. Spears' idea. He's been making his famous daughter's decisions in terms of how she spends her money, how she's medically treated and what she wears and eats since 2008 (right after her unforgettable breakdown). 

But, it turns out, having Trawick be co-conservator was all Britney's idea! People spoke with the family attorney, Geraldine Wyle, shortly after today's decision, and he confirmed that it was at the singer's urging that this happen, and that her father is equally "thrilled" that "it's all in the family" now. Britney Spears Can't Marry Jason Trawick... Yet

However, unlike her father, Brit's fiancé does not have any control over her huge bank account and how she decides to spend her millions, which, if you ask us, is probably a good idea. There's nothing that can screw up an otherwise happy relationship like a power struggle over money.

We're proud of Spears for separating the two, and for entering her next marriage on the right foot!

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