Jessica Simpson Stays Positive In Last Stretch Of Her Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson pregnant and smiling

With Jessica Simpson's due date fast approaching, her pregnancy weight gain has become a hot topic.

It's the home-stretch of Jessica Simpson and hubby-to-be, Eric Johnson's long wait for their first daughter! According to Us Weekly, though it's been a couple of weeks since Simpson has been spotted outside of her home, "she's in great spirits."

Simpson's fluctuating weight has always been under fire in the media. Because of her celebrity status, her pregnancy has been closely monitored and she's recieved a lot of criticism for her weight gain. She, along with other celebrity mom's like Tori Spelling, are speaking out against the negative comments. Jessica Simpson About To Give Birth, Goes Shopping Instead

“When women are pregnant, people need to lay off. It's a really special time and you should be able to deal with it on your own terms," Spelling told Celebuzz.

According to Ken Paves, Simpson's personal hair stylist and business partner, Simpson "glows all the time." And, regardless of the negative talk surrounding her weight and the discomfort most women feel in the final months of pregnancy, Paves tells Us Weekly, "[she's] as happy as can be!" 

The 31-year-old fashion mogul can worry about baby weight later. For now, Simpson needs to focus on staying happy and healthy. We hope these final weeks are as positive an experience for her as her entire pregnancy has been, and we congratulate her and Eric on their first child together.

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