Furious Morgan Freeman: I'm NOT Marrying My Step-Granddaughter

Morgan Freeman and E'Dena Hines at Golden Globes
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The 74-year-old actor has decided to finally put an end to this disturbing rumor.

We first reported the disturbing rumor that Morgan Freeman wanted to marry his step-granddaughter, 27-year-old E'Dena Hines (granddaughter of Freeman's first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw), back in September 2010. The National Enquirer had just released a story that the two had indeed been involved for 10 years, and with Freeman's divorce from his second wife over with, the lovers/distant family members could be together at last. Is Morgan Freeman Marrying His Step-Granddaughter?

Since then, that story on our site has received more than 150 angry, disgusted and disappointed comments from fans of the legendary actor. Could it really be true? Could the 74-year-old Hollywood icon really be so creepy and incestuous (even if he and Hines aren't technically related by blood)?

Apparently not.

Freeman is finally coming forward years later to address the rumor. According to TMZ, he didn't want to "dignify these stories by commenting" on them, but the unrelenting coverage of the scandal has forced him to clarify the situation now. 

"The recent reports of any pending marriage or romantic relationship of me to anyone are defamatory fabrications from the tabloid media designed to sell papers," the actor says in a new statement. "What is even more alarming is that these fabrications are now being picked up by the legitimate press as well." Morgan Freeman Having Affair With Granddaughter

E'Dena Hines has also released her own statement, saying: "These stories about me and my grandfather are not only untrue, they are also hurtful to me and my family."

We wonder why both camps made the decision to address this now, given that the media circus was buzzing about it over two years ago. Was Freeman just sick of Googling his name only to see this scandal pop up? Or, has it been severely damaging to Hines' life? Either way, neither party helped their case much by attending red carpet events together over the past few years.

But, we love Morgan Freeman as an actor and we want to believe that he's as upstanding of a person as the characters he plays. For everyone's sake, let's go ahead and take his word for it.

Tell us: Do you believe Morgan Freeman is telling the truth?

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