Creepy! Alec Baldwin's Arrested Stalker Wanted His Babies

Alec Baldwin smiling

A young Canadian actress traveled to East Hampton, NY to stalk the '30 Rock' star.

Per his engagement last week to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, Alec Baldwin is now officially off the market (again). But, that didn't stop one crazy fan from getting his attention. 30 Rockin' The Cradle: Alec Baldwin Engaged To His Girlfriend!

According to the New York Post, Genevieve Sabourin, 40, was arrested after she showed up at the actor's residence in the Hamptons in late March. Prior to her unannounced visit, Sabourin had allegedly been emailing Baldwin and sending him several text messages which revealed her love for him and a desire to have his babies. The local police department has said that her one-sided correspondence with the 30 Rock actor also revealed a need for money.

So, is she really in love, or really in need of some cash?

Oh, and she didn't stop there. After Sabourin was arraigned and released for showing up in East Hampton and despite a formal complaint filed by Baldwin, stalker-extraordinaire Sabourin managed to tail Baldwin back to NYC (where the actor keeps a permanent residence), and was supposedly spotted at a Lincoln Center event where Baldwin was.

Sabourin was again arrested when she later showed up at his downtown Manhattan residence. The doorman called the actor, who was already back in the Hamptons, to let him know of his guest. Baldwin called the cops, who nabbed her on charges of aggravated harassment and stalking. Alec Baldwin Wants To Make Babies With His 27-Year-Old Girlfriend

Sabourin allegedly met Baldwin on the set of a 2002 film. According to the Post: "Baldwin had a cameo in the flick and IMDb credits Sabourin as working as part of the crew."

There's no way of knowing how long Sabourin has "loved" Alec, but we're sure his recent engagement announcement only added fuel to her creepy fire.

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