Emily Blunt On Her Successful Marriage With John Krasinski

Emily Blunt On Her Successful Marriage With John Krasinski

No matter how far Blunt may be from her hubby, he will always be her first priority.

How does Emily Blunt make her marriage work with The Office's John Krasinski? It's simple: she puts him first.

Even Hollywood's most notorious couples blame busy schedules and distance for their breakups, but Blunt won't let that happen in her relationship. The 29-year-old The Devil Wears Prada actress says she makes her hubby her number one priority, even when she is across the world from him. John Krasinski Is A Smitten Kitten With Emily Blunt

According to Us Weekly, in 2010, Blunt jetted to London, Scotland and Morocco to film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Since it had only been a month after exchanging vows with Krasinski, 32, her trip was expected to put a major strain on their relationship. To the surprise of many, the couple is still going strong over a year and a half later.

"We were far from home I guess, but we were so busy working we really didn't think about it much," The British actress shared with Us Weekly while in NYC last week.

When asked how they made it work, Blunt explained: "You talk, you email, you do all of that. There is no magic answer. It's just the way anyone else would do it. You do your best and make it a priority."

How do you make your relationships work when times get tough?

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