Would You Rather Have A Baby With Your Best Friend Or Your Lover?

Jennifer Westfeldt and Adam Scott in 'Friends With Kids.'

In 'Friends With Kids,' two friends decide to have a baby together and then find "The One."

Friends With Kids opens with a hushed phone call in the middle of the night from Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt) to Jason (Adam Scott). She asks him a strange question about how he'd prefer to die, presenting two options. Jason mulls it over and chooses one. And then the camera reveals a scantily clad woman sleeping next to him, his flavor of the month. "I think I'm going to break up with her soon," Jason confesses.

Julie's in the same situation back at her apartment in the same building, a few flights down. "This guy's too young for me," she confides, looking at her one-night stand. "I don't know what I was thinking."

And so it's established that Jason and Julie are perfect for each other, except not that way. They're best friends who've grown up together, the only thirty-something singles left in their Manhattan social circle. They grow even closer as their married friends Leslie (Maya Rudolph) and Alex (Chris O'Dowd) and Missy (Kristen Wiig) and Ben (Jon Hamm) have kids and become sleep- and sex-deprived, angry husks of their former selves. Jason and Julie agree that while they both want to be parents, they know kids inevitably kill the romance in a relationship. In fact, the perfect situation would be for each of them to have a kid with a platonic partner, and then find "The One."

The plot hinges on the either/or line of questioning of the opening dialogue. Juie and Jason agree that it's better to have a baby with a friend than a lover. They don't believe it'd be possibile to stay passionately connected to the mother or father of their children, because parents inevitably love their children more than they love their partners. Besides, parenting just isn't sexy.

You know where this is going. Jason and Julie decide to have a baby together and split everything down the middle. They know each other inside and out, but fumble to conceive the old-fashioned way. "Let's just pretend we're really into each other," Julie says, drunkenly kissing Jason for the first time. Apparently, it works.

But here's what doesn't work: Julie's feelings toward Jason start to change and not in the expected way. She's in love with her son...and maybe even his father, too. The challenges of parenting have brought them closer than ever. But Jason is perfectly content with the joint custody arrangement, especially after he meets a hot younger woman (Megan Fox) while out with the baby.

Julie's hesitant to jump back into the dating pool, even after shedding the baby weight and countless hours of Kegel-ing. She does it, anyway, 

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You'll have to see Friends With Kids to find out what happens with Julie and Jason, but how do you feel about this unconventional approach to parenting and relationships? Are kids more likely to doom or strengthen romantic relationships? Assuming one person doesn't fulfill both roles for you, would you rather have a baby with your best friend or your lover?