Bethenny Frankel: No Time For Sex In Her Busy Marriage

Bethenny Frankel: No Time For Sex In Her Busy Marriage

The reality star and her hubby have moved quickly past the honeymoon phase.

Bethenny Frankel, the former Real Housewife who teaches women how to "have it all" every month in Glamour magazine, apparently doesn't have it all in her own marriage.

In the upcoming third season of Bethenny Ever After (premiering tomorrow on Bravo!), the 41-year-old reveals that "Intimacy is challenging" with her husband, Jason Hoppy. As she so eloquently phrases it in classic Bethenny bluntness, "Jason's penis has cobwebs on it." 5 Relationship Tips From Bethenny Frankel

What's to blame for her neglected marital bed? Bethenny admits it's a combination of things. Her life entered the fast track as soon as she met Jason in 2008. She got married, landed her own reality show, competed on Dancing With The Stars, developed her booming Skinnygirl cocktail brand, wrote four best-selling books, and last but not least, gave birth to adorable baby Bryn (who's now 20-months old).

Frankel admits herself that she "unintentionally crammed everything in," according to Life&Style. She told the magazine at a recent press event:

"Jason and I are just settling into what married life really is, without the excitement of a wedding and the baby. We come from totally different backgrounds, and we're going through it. I'm in therapy. I've always been good at business, but I've always struggled with relationships." What We Can All Learn from Bethenny Frankel

Well, we can definitely help her out on one thing: no one's marriage is perfect, Bethenny, but if you want yours to be happy and long, sex is a must! 

Tell us: Do you sometimes find yourself too busy for sex with your partner? How do you prevent this from happening?

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