Sarah Jessica Parker Juggles Love & Career In New Movie

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The actress plays a version of herself in "I Don't Know How She Does It."

In Sex and the City, the landmark 90s television series, Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw character was the dream girl for millions of young women who fantasized about living in the big city, dating hot guys and wearing fabulous shoes (and not necessarily in that order).

Now, Carrie appears to have grown up: Parker—as ever, enviably thin, chic, and charmingly rumpled—is starring in I Don't Know How She Does It, which opens this weekend. It's shaping up to be a kind of Carrie 2.0, as the former party girl balances marriage (to Greg Kinnear), kids, work and her amorous co-worker (Pierce Brosnan). And maybe that's deliberate: Director David McGrath told an interviewer, "It feels a little bit like a bookend to Sex and the City. This is what happens if Carrie decides to take the next step—she finds that life is not necessarily any easier than finding the right person to date."

Parker, 46, herself has said she sees similarities between herself (a real-life mom) and the character she plays. While filming the movie earlier this year, she told an interviewer, "As I was leaving for work this morning I was thinking about my kids, and how it felt like a real act of betrayal. That helps me appreciate the conflict that exists for this particular character and countless women across the globe. I can understand the purgatory we put ourselves in." (Parker and husband Matthew Broderick have three children: twin two-year-old girls and a son, 8.) ThirdAge: The 2011 Emmys: Boomers Rule

In the movie, based on a 2002 best-selling novel by British author Allison Pearson, Parker plays financial manager Kate Reddy, who's trying to keep it all together and succeeding only intermittently. But Kate's real enemies are the "momsters," the stay-at-home mothers who come to the school bake sale with homemade goodies, hang out with their kids in the park, and make caustic behind-the-back comments about how bad the working moms look. 

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